Rev. Benson

Living Through Our Broken Places

In the light of the #metoo movement, what do we all have to learn about wounds, healing, resilience and taking back our power? How do we let in the joy and optimism we have every reason to experience, even through the hardest wounds to heal?

What Difference Makes

In a polarized society with polarizing leadership, our differences are played against us by unethical leaders. We resist the trumpet (!) sound calling us to be suspicious and hateful of people different from ourselves. Instead, we choose respect, compassion and love, as our Unitarian Universalist principles call us to do. Join us for a service of affirmation and an embrace of multiculturalism. We will look toward the work ahead for us to deepen our anti-racist/anti-oppression commitments.

Becoming Ourselves

How do we love ourselves and bring out the best in one another? If you won’t be you, who will be?

No Room for Anger When We Act

In doing the work of turning love into justice, anger may precipitate a burst of energy we mistake for the moment to act. So how do we use and step back from anger in order to act powerfully in the world?

“Bummed?” Just Live a Just Life!

Anxious, depressed about the state of the country, the world? How does this shift, can it, when we find and take hold of our sense of purpose, of living a “just life?” We remember loved ones who have died in 2017 in our service today. Bring small photos of them or mementos for our Tolling of the Bells ritual.

Each Child a New Redeemer

Our UU tradition teaches us that each child born can be a part of our redemption, doing the good our ancestors and we dream.

Looking Back from the Wilderness

In the darker days surrounding holidays of this season, what of our past do we recall with joy? What of our stories are real and what are the residue of wishes or disappointments? How do we detach with love from what was or may have been?