This Week on the Peak

This Week on the Peak – Wednesday, April 26, 2017

This Week on the Peak
Mission Peak UU – Fremont, CA
The Home of Liberal Religion in the Tri-Cities and Beyond!
April 26, 2017


Hello Fellow Mission Peakers,

In honor of Administrative Professionals’ Day, which is today, April 26, I wanted to tell you a little bit about our Office Administrator, Sandra Lange.  As many of you know, Sandra is the person who makes all of the day-to-day business of the Congregation run smoothly.  Sandra organizes and produces the Order of Service for Sunday services and she does the graphic design for Week on the Peak and publishes it every Wednesday.  Sandra is our bookkeeper and does a lot of financial work for us, from tracking bills, to reconciling bank statements, to tracking pledges.  Sandra is the person you contact when you want to schedule a room or put something on the Mission Peak calendar.  She puts together brochures for Adult RE and Canvass, and the Mission Peak brochures that are in the pamphlet stand in Cole Hall.  She creates packets for the New to UU classes and she updates the website.  You name it, Sandra does it!  The fact that most of us don’t realize everything that Sandra does just shows how good she is at her job.  Sandra always answers email quickly and gets everything done on time, even when some of us turn our write ups in late.
Sandra doesn’t usually come to service on Sunday so you may not have had a chance to meet her face-to-face.  The next time you email or talk to Sandra, please make sure you let her know how much you appreciate all her hard work.  Please also keep in mind that Sandra has a lot to do making sure we comply with all the requirements of being a religious non-profit organization.  Help Sandra help us by responding to her promptly when she asks for something from you.
Thank You Sandra!!!
This Sunday’s Service:
Five Actions for A Healthier Earth
Come celebrate the planet that sustains us and hear about the five pillars of shifting your behaviour towards more planet healthy choices.


Leading the service will be Rev. Jeremy D. Nickel and Worship Associate
Eric Dittmar with Allysson McDonald.  Music will be
provided by Jay Steele. 
Vigil / Rally


Join Us As We Stand Up for

The Earth, Our Common Home
We stand in opposition to dismantling the EPA rules,
and allowing
corporate polluters
to profit at the expense of the health and safety of human life and the natural world.
As stewards of the earth, we call upon our leaders, and all people, to accept the reality of climate change and the responsibility for the sustainability of the environment.
Thursday, April 27th
5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Paseo Padre & Walnut, Fremont
We request that signs be compassionate, respectful, and non-partisan.
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”
                                             – Mahatma Ghandi
Sponsors: Compassionate Fremont
Tri-City Interfaith Council
A Beacon of Hope, Sanctuary in the Storm
The 2017 Canvass has come to an end. Thank you to everyone who made this canvass season a success. The Canvass ambassadors really enjoyed talking with other members of Mission Peak, and it was a good chance for all of us to reconnect, and share what we love most about our congregation.


This year has been a tough year with many people moving out of the area, and several people discontinuing their pledges for the upcoming year. Despite the setbacks, however, we are happy to report that we collected a bit more than last year, and right now, our pledge total stands at $154,829.  This number was achieved by everyone pitching in. We had almost 70% of our friends and members increase their pledges for the upcoming year. This made a big difference. Thank you, everyone!


If you have not been contacted about pledging, and you would like to, please don’t be shy! It is not too late, and any donation, large or small, is always welcome. It doesn’t even need to be during canvass season! If you have any questions or comments, please contact Natalie Campbell at


We have enjoyed being your Canvass Co-Chairs this Spring

– Natalie Campbell and DeAnna Alm

Summer Time
Sunday School – Adult Volunteers Needed!!!
Our spring curriculum for our Mission Peak youth will be ending at the end of May. As we head into the summer months, we will be having
Sunday classes for the children of our community. When our new DRE, JeKaren Taylor begins her work with us in May, we will finalize details for Summer Classes. The CaYRE committee is hoping that many of you will welcome our new DRE with a show of support, and a helping hand. She will not know people yet, and so we need to work together to make her feel welcome and supported. The best way to do that, is to sign up for classes this Summer!


JeKaren’s first day at Mission Peak will be on
Sunday, May 7th. Please welcome her warmly, and let her know that you are willing to teach a class or two this Summer! We will be having a fairly laid back curriculum this year from June to August. As we firm up plans,  JeKaren and the CaYRE committee will do our best to keep everyone informed. We are all looking forward to an exciting new year together!
Save the Dates for this year’s Denominational coming events
2017 Pacific Central District Assembly
will be held May 5-6 at

Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church
in Walnut Creek, CA.
Advance registration
is open through April 22.
Cost is $65 which includes breakfast and lunch.
Highlights of Saturday’s activities include a forum featuring all three
UUA Presidential Candidates
, workshops (on social justice, spiritual practices, and membership integration), worship, and fellowship. Registrants will also attend to the important business of the Annual Meeting of the Pacific Central District. Religious professionals will want to also bring their full staff team to Friday’s
Staff Development Day.
For details about the full weekend, go to:

If you are interested in serving as one of our congregation’s delegates for the district meeting please contact Rev. Jeremy.

General Assembly Delegates Needed
If you’ve ever thought about attending the UUA’s General Assembly or visiting New Orleans, consider attending this year.  General Assembly is scheduled for June 21st through June 25th at the New Orleans convention center.
This year’s event will be focused on Social Justice and we’ll also be electing our next UUA president. Our congregation is entitled to 3 delegates in addition to our ministers. If you can’t make it to New Orleans, consider attending GA as an “off-site” delegates and participate online. If you’re interested in serving as either type of delegate please let Rev. Jeremy know. Registration fees for on-site and off-site attendees increases after
May 1. Information is on the website.
Baseball Sunday Fundraiser
This year our annual Baseball
Sunday celebration will be
Sunday, June 18 which is also Father’s Day.  What better way to celebrate than an afternoon at a baseball game?  We will be heading south this year to see the San Jose Giants play the Visalia Rawhide at
1:00 pm. And it’s not just a fun baseball afternoon, it’s also a chance to support Mission Peak!! We’re making this event a fundraiser and for each $12 ticket we sell we get to keep $5. What could be easier? So invite all your friends and family for a fun, family friendly afternoon at the ballpark and support Mission Peak at the same time.  We have an initial lot of 75 tickets, but can get more if we sell out.  Jen King will have tickets available most Sundays, but is also willing to mail out tickets.  Please make all checks out to MPUUC.  If you have any questions or want to order tickets, please contact Jen King at 510-299-2825.

You are welcome to a special exhibit!
The Welcome Home Project at the John O’ Lague Galleria in Hayward City Hall. 
May 26-July 28th, 2017. Opening night will be June 9th from 5:30-7:30 PM. A panel will feature several of the participants in the Welcome Home Project. Refreshments will be served.
The Welcome Home Project exhibit is a powerful and compelling collection of  photographs and stories of formerly incarcerated Alameda County residents that have turned their lives around after many years of involvement with the criminal justice system. The photographer, Ruth Morgan, is a nationally acclaimed local photographer and her work was in the The Sentence Unseen show on Alcatraz. The
Project Coordinator,
Micky Duxbury,
is an
author and  the interviewer/editor of the stories. The Welcome Home Project humanizes the formerly incarcerated while adding a deeper understanding of the challenges of reentry.
These stories are testimony to the power of resilience, hope, and determination in the face of the barriers that most formerly incarcerated individuals face.
Community Office Hours
Rev. Jeremy’s upcoming dates

I am always interested in suggestions for new places, times and ways that this could work better for you, so if you have an idea, please drop me a line, it is as easy as
clicking right here. And of course I am also always available by personal appointment all days except Monday.


Thursday, April 27
4:30 – 6:30 PM
Mission Coffee
151 Washington Blvd


Tuesday, May 9
4:00 – 6:00 PM
4949 Stevenson Blvd
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