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  • Are you looking for religious and ethical education for your children?
    We have a professional program for kids from preschool to high school.
    We also offer child care for infants.
  • Dear Abby recommends Unitarian Universalism:
    …to a couple from different religious backgrounds – see this May 2014 column.
    …to a new mother seeking a church for her child – see the letter at the end of this July 2010 column.
  • Do you want a friendly, spiritual group that cares about the planet?
    Many of us actively support social justice issues – peace, democracy, and respect for the environment. We support human rights and oppose discrimination based upon race, religion, disability, gender preference or sexual orientation.
  • Tired of the cynicism you see in the morning paper and all around you?
    We try to live positive lives that address real problems.
  • In a religious world that spends too much time arguing about theological fine points,
    we touch people on a personal level. We care about nurturing hope, enriching family life and close relationships, dealing with grief and loss, and building networks of caring communities.
  • Give us a try!