Q: I want to donate something. How do I do that?

A: Making a donation is easy. Just follow the links below and fill out a form and that’s it!

Q: Why do I need a ticket for a virtual event?

A: Because this is a Fundraiser and we need to raise funds! Plus it gets you the link for the Live Zoom Event which you won’t want to miss.

Q: I can’t find the Zoom link for the Live Zoom Event.

A: The Zoom link will be sent out Saturday to everyone who has purchased a ticket for the event. Watch for that email.

Q: Will the Auction only accept bids during the Live Zoom Event on Saturday?

A: No. The Auction will go live on November 3rd and will accept bids until 10:00 pm on Saturday, November 6th. We hope that you will have the Auction open alongside of Zoom so you can watch your bids during the event.

Q: I’m trying to order something from the boutique and am having trouble checking out.

A: First, make sure you’ve put in a local address. If you’re not local, put in the church address, or Jen’s address, or your old address – it really doesn’t matter. If you’re still having trouble, just call Jen and she’ll help you out.

Q: Why are there so many ‘repeats’ in the Auction?

A: In order to sell multiple ‘seats’ for an event we have to auction each ‘seat’ off separately. So, if you want two ‘seats’ to an event, you will need to bid on two separate auctions for that event.

Q: Now that I’ve seen the awesome Raffle items I want to buy more Raffle tickets. Is it too late?

A: Nope, in fact we’ll be selling them during the Live Zoom Event. The Boutique is where you can buy additional tickets. If it’s too late to physically get the tickets to you (or you are too far away) we will just email you the numbers for your tickets.

Q: I want to support Mission Peak UU, but all this online stuff is just too much!

A: Pick up the phone and call Jen and she will help you out. You can do this and Mission Peak is worth it!

Q: What will we do during the Live Zoom Event?

A: First and foremost we will be enjoying each other’s company. Part of the time we will be in a large group and part of the time we will be in breakout rooms (just like sitting at your table at the in-person event). We will be holding the Raffle., announcing the winner of the Fudge Off, holding auctions for our special Star Baskets, and much more. Please plan to join us!

Q: When we have the in-person event we are encouraged to invite friends. Is that allowed for this event?

A: Yes! We would love to have family and friends join us. Many of the events offered in the auction will be via Zoom so anyone can participate. Feel free to send the links to the Boutique and Auction to people you know. However, please don’t post it to Facebook or other public sites. Also, Jen would prefer not to have to ship boutique items to people, but is happy to deliver them to anyone local (or deliver them to you and have you ship them to your friends/family). We would love to introduce more people to Mission Peak and this event is a good way to do that.