The most important part of our Black & White Gala Fundraiser is the Service Auction. “What is a Service Auction?” you might ask. Well, it is an auction not of ‘items’, but of ‘services’. For example – You might offer to host a meal, teach a skill, deliver dinner or baked goods, or make a customized item. The best idea is to offer to share what you enjoy doing. If you drive, offer transportation. If you garden, offer to beautify someone’s garden. If you like to bake, bake goodies. If you like to cook, offer to cook a meal, deliver a meal, or share a meal. If you like picnics, offer to gather all the fixings for a dream picnic for 2. If you are good with hammer and nails, offer to help build or repair something. If you like to do a craft, offer to teach it to someone else or create a unique personalized item for someone.  If you love kids, offer to babysit and give parents a much needed night out. If you have an eye for organizing, offer to help organize closets. If you own a truck, offer to haul stuff. If you love animals, offer to pet sit. If you have a talent, offer to share it. If you have a skill, offer to teach it. This year we have an additional request and that is that your auction donations be able to be held outside or over Zoom or provided via porch drop off

Auction item donations are due by October 29th, but before that would be BETTER. If you need help coming up with ideas for items you might want to offer or if you have an idea, but want help hammering out the details please reach out to Jen King via phone or email.