Since 1994, Mission Peak UU has answered its calling to serve the liberal religious needs of the Tri-Cities area. Our Board is anticipating the exciting day when we can meet again in Cole Hall and to have face-to-face religious education for our children. In order to continue the life of our community, we must show our commitment to the values and vision that make us Mission Peak UU Congregation. Each of us demonstrates this commitment through our generosity; our generosity with our time, with our compassion, with our money, and most of all with our love. During our annual Canvass campaign we ask each of us to purposefully channel our financial generosity as a way to manifest our vision and values. The information below shows our vision informed by our values, and why our financial generosity is so important..

Our theme this year is Love Right Through! Together we can bring the love we want to share, to ourselves, our Congregation, and our community right through the coming year.

– Melissa Holmes, Canvass Coordinator,, 510-299-2822


Choosing our direction is important. After consulting the various leaders of Mission Peak UU Congregation, the vision of the Board for the coming year focuses on three key areas:

COVENANT – Shared Ministry and the
Power of Explicit Agreements
how to better love each other
FELLOWSHIP – Radical Hospitality
and Community Building
how to love people we don’t know yet
ARO – Deepening Commitment to Learning and Practicing
Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression
how to make the world a more just and loving place

We have messages from our Board President Allysson McDonald, our settled Minister Rev. Greg Ward, Director of Religious Education Shawn Snavley, a section on the current budget of the congregation, and the Fair Share Guide to Giving.

And we have matching funds again this year! Click for more info.

   How thrilling it will be to come together, in person, to live out our mission over the coming year! And yet, in order to truly live into our mission, we need to focus on what is important to us. Our Board chose Covenant, Fellowship and Anti-Racism/Anti-Oppression as our vision points for 2021-2022.
   As a people, we are hungry for community! After a year of living with restrictions we recognize the value of fellowship more than ever and recognize that it is meaningful and life giving. We have taken time to think deeply about how to be in beloved community in ways that are kind, respectful, challenging, and enriching. As we move into a more covenantal relationship we know we will grow spiritually and that our fellowship will be even stronger and more meaningful. We also want to be more welcoming of diversity and better anti-racists – in 2020 we voted to make Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression a priority, and we know this growing edge is both an ongoing challenge and also deeply enriching and soul satisfying work that we need to continue for the foreseeable future. When you pledge to MPUUC, you pledge to support this vision. Can you see it?

It is not the critic who matters; not the one who points out where the doer of deeds could have done better. All credit belongs to the ones who place themselves in the arena; who may err and come up short again and again… but whose aspirations and determination reveal, at best, the triumph of high achievement, and, at worst, failure through the dignity of daring greatly…” Theodore Roosevelt

This quote led me to think of the top 10 ways we, at MPUUC, are daring greatly:

10.   Covenant – aiming high and surrounding yourself with people who help you get there.
 9.    Our ARO (anti-racism, anti-oppression) work calls us to a new level of fairness.
 8.   Fellowship – radical inclusivity is one of the best ways for healing a world threatened by hate.
 7.   Being part of people who live with a vision of love teaches us to live with heart.
 6.   Being inspired, until the hope, courage, love and vision you experience inspires others.
 5.   Knowing our values are reinforced and magnified by like-minded friends.
 4.   Showing up – in the ‘moments that matter’ (because others’ complacency leads to turmoil around us; our own complacency leads to turmoil within us).
 3.   Being as generou$ in spreading hope as your obligations allow.  $$, like hope, is fertilizer: it does the most good when you spread it around.
 2.   Becoming a ‘connector’ at MPUUC because these conversations are about listening, learning, understanding and accepting – which is why we come together.
 1.   Being the change you want to see, taking the stand you were born to take and making the difference you have in you to make. The threat now facing the world is significant; so should be our response.

From the very beginning Mission Peak has been dedicated to providing religious exploration to the children and youth of our community. In fact Mission Peak would not exist if it weren’t for the gathering of a group of parents on a playground talking about how to provide solid support systems for their children. Mission Peak continues to strive to provide a loving, empathetic, and safe environment for our children, youth, and families to develop critical thinking skills, experiment with spiritual practices, develop peer support networks, and learn about other faith traditions as well as Unitarian Universalism. Our mission continues to be love our children and youth no matter what is happening in their lives or in the world. Each class creates a covenant with one another, all of our volunteers engage in on-going training, and our CaYRE team works diligently to ensure that our young people know this community is a loving home for them. Even during this chaotic time we continue to re-think and re-work our activities and engagements to do our best to provide on-going connection and support to the young people of our community.

2020-21 Budget Income & Expenses

Our 2020-21 budget passed in June, 2020 by the congregation has a projected income of $212,468 and expenses of $230,384 for an operating budget deficit of 8% or $17, 916. The vast majority of our expenses, 92%, are fixed.

Pledge Data for MPUUC

5% of pledges provide 1/3 of our income.

Our average pledge per household was $3,150.

► We need $3,839/pledge per household for a balanced budget.

The Fair Share Guide to Giving

During the annual Canvass Campaign each year, we include the Fair Share Guide to Giving, which is one of the stewardship resources from our denomination, the Unitarian Universalist Association.

Moving toward a Fair Share financial commitment, whether quickly or in a steady, intentional way builds community and instills a spirit of personal stewardship. It reminds us all that this is Our congregation and Our UU movement.

We have matching pledge funds again this year!

A generous MPUUC household has agreed to match all pledge increases 10% or greater, up to a total of $9,000!  If you increase your pledge by 10%, MPUUC gets a total increase of 20%.  Please help us take advantage of this!

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