“A Simple (Starter?) Credo” [pdf]

Writing and sharing a statement of your beliefs promotes our Third Principle of “acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth,” but nothing says your personal creed—your credo—has to be complete. Eric Dittmar shares what he wrote for his “Build Your Own Theology” credo to invite discussion, along with some thoughts about why a simple in-process credo might serve you as well.


Abstract: Sometimes, in life, when we are trying as hard as we can to accomplish an important goal, the best way to proceed is to let loose, and accept help from people and from nature.

Salvation as a Daily Practice

Noreen Cooper Heavlin will explore the connection between Salvation and Wholeness from a UU perspective, as it applies to this world, not an afterlife. Noreen is one of 5 founding members of the Unitarian Universalist Coastside Community in Half Moon Bay and currently serves as Chair of the UUCC Planning Committee.

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