Easy Way to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

As some of you may already know, EBCE began offering cleaner, greener electricity at lower rates than PG&E to Alameda County residents back in November 2018 when residential service plans were automatically converted from the standard PG&E plan to the EBCE Bright Choice option. This Bright Choice option delivers electricity that is 87% carbon-free compared to 40% for the PG&E plan, and at a 1.5% discount! This is an impressive achievement, but we can do even better!

To demonstrate your commitment to mitigating global warming, each of us can opt up to the Brilliant 100 (100% carbon-free) or Renewable 100 (100% carbon-free and renewable) plan offered by EBCE. The Brilliant 100 plan costs the same as what you were paying PG&E before the switch, and the Renewable 100 plan costs 1 cent more per kilowatt hour of electricity, an extra $4 per month for the average customer. CARE (California Alternate Rates for Energy) or FERA (Family Electric Rate Assistance) discounts, at least 20% and 12% discount respectively, would more than offsets the extra cost of opting up to the either plan.

To opt up, all that is needed is to click on the “Opt Up” link on the EBCE site:


After go to the above link click on “Click Here to Opt Up” and fill out the opt up form.

Questions? Call or email Jeff Goby.