Improv Night 2018

Adult Education

Adult Education programs provide information about a wide variety of religions and philosophies, including the major religions of the world, earth-centered traditions, and secular philosophies of life. Mission Peak educational programs also provide practical guidance in dealing with everyday problems, such as workshops on communication and personal relationships. Some of our programs are experiential: spiritual growth workshops, our annual spiritual retreat, opportunities for meditation, mandala workshops.

For more information consult our newsletter or the latest Adult Religious Education Program.

Children’s and Youth’s Religious Exploration (CaYRE) Committee

CaYRE meets quarterly with the Director of Religious Education to plan and coordinate our children’s religious education and to support our youth groups.

Children’s Sunday Classes

Help teach the children of our congregation on Sunday mornings about Judaism and Christianity, World Religions, or Unitarian Universalism (on a 3-year rotating curriculum). Working with an experienced teacher, teach 5 or 6 Sundays in the Spring or Fall.