The More You Give, The More You Get

In this era of admiration of wealth and owning “stuff”, how do we get past the enculturation of the idea that our worth is dependent on what we have? How do we teach our children and others to have self-worth, to not only give money, but to give of themselves. This Sunday lets explore the art of giving, how it reflects on society and what the true reward can be.

What Does Our Future Hold?

This Stewardship Sunday let us gain inspiration from our history celebrating 25 years and with our vision of what we want to become and how we see ourselves. How do we see ourselves? What is our vision? Do they match? Do we have the answers to those questions? This Sunday let’s explore our identity and our goals and what we want Mission Peak’s future to look like.

The paradox of choice

Many of us have the good fortune to live abundantly. We do not want for food, clothing, or shelter. But with abundance comes responsibility towards those who are not as fortunate as ourselves. With abundance comes something else too, something perhaps strange: the paradox of choice. Our own Tiffany Longfield will explore this paradox and encourage us to examine our decision making when we are faced with an abundance of choices

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