Bridging the Divide into Belonging

What can we do as Unitarian Universalists to bridge this divide that so many of us feel? Our country is divided. We hear it daily and we are now officially in an election year. How can we get a sense of belonging and create the world our 6th principle affirms? Join us this Sunday as we explore the goal of world community together.

That Feeling of Belonging

What does it feel like to belong? That feeling of belonging is central to human interaction and the development of self-confidence and self-esteem. When we don’t feel like we belong, that feeling can overcome us in a variety of ways, culminating in depression and a … read more.

It’s a Mystery – How Do We Get 2020 Vision?

Our theme for December has been “mystery”, and what is more mysterious than the future? Sometimes it seems we have no control over that! Some create vision boards to help them focus on the outcomes they want to achieve. But science tells us that traditional vision boards can actually make us less likely to succeed because we may then passively wait for our dreams to come true. What’s more helpful is to visualize the work or the steps involved in bringing about success. Join us this morning for an inter generational workshop where you envision not only your goals for the New Year, but how you might attain them. There will be magazines and other paper resources, art supplies, and poster board set up at stations. If you have supplies you don’t mind sharing, contact Shawn. We will also sing, share joys and concerns, and move together as we acknowledge the changing of the year and look to the future.

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