Your Mission if You Choose to Accept It

Our theme this month is mission, the mission of this congregation, of Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation. What is our mission? And do we choose to accept it? Do you still belong if you don’t? This Sunday we will explore what the mission of this community is and we will also rejoice in those new members officially joining us this morning in our Ingathering Service.

When I Do For Others, Who Am I Really Helping?

“Many of us give back to the community, often the ones that appear to have little spare time or tether to hang on to.  What makes us spend scarce resources outside the family on complete strangers who will often not be able to pay us back?  And how do we choose what to do?  We are driven to help others at no gain to ourselves. Altruism is not peculiar
to humans but we seem to make a habit of it.”

Honoring the Dead

This Sunday we will honor those in our lives who have passed away and yet are still in our hearts. In the tradition of Dio de los Muertos, we will learn of the Mexican tradition of honoring the dead and ask that you bring those photos of loved ones you wish to remember. Also if there is a food your loved one loved, bring that to share as that is part of the ritual. This service recognizes the cycle of life and how we are all a part of it.

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