Sacred Listening

“There is something sacred about listening to another human being, really listening, with no agenda other than being with them.  Rev. Barbara Meyers will share this practice and insights she has had while listening to people on the streets of San Francisco since last October, a practice that she plans to soon introduce to Fremont.”

Belonging – Me, Us, Them

One of the fundamental human needs is a sense of belonging, connection, or community. We all have our stories of not belonging. How do we help others feel like they belong? How do we exclude others? Do we need boundaries? How does this play out on various levels – personal, social, congregational, national? What is a nation anyway, and how do we decide who belongs? Our worship leader, Allysson McDonald, wrote her Master’s Research Paper on nationhood, and as an “undercover immigrant” has personal experience of belonging and not belonging.

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