Blessed Thanksgiving Service

During this month of Gratitude, we will share with each other what we are grateful for. This Sunday come to listen to members of the congregation for a generational learning of different generations and what they are grateful for. We will also be experiencing a Unitarian Transylvanian communion where we can learn more about our heritage.

Looking for the Good

The results are in from the election and some are feeling grateful and others are feeling loss. Let’s look for the good in our elected officials and see what the future holds. On this Veteran’s Day, we also will honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for others. Come this Sunday to rejoice in all that we have to be grateful.

Little Bits of Gratitude [video]

What are the little things that pass us by on a daily basis that make such grateful gifts? How can these little bits of gratitude actually make our lives so much more meaningful if we would pay attention to them and give them meaning? Come this Sunday to learn the secret everyone knows of how to be grateful!

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