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▶️ Lessons on Listening, Learning and Leadership September 17, 2023

Sometimes, we feel called to go prove a point. We are captured by a conviction that someone needs to be taught a lesson. So we summon our courage and strap on our suit of righteousness indignation and are surprised when people turn away and fail to appreciate our brilliance and wisdom!! The world, right now, is in a battle for the hearts and minds of society. If our goal is to influence people, it is love – not indignation – that will prove to be the better tool. This is a service about the war of disinformation we are currently in and what we need to win.

▶️ As the Water Rises, Remembering We’re Blessed September 9, 2023

In this year’s annual ingathering service, we’re going to invite the beloved non-humans in our household to recognize and celebrate the thing that all living things need more than anything else: Water. Plan to bring your pet to church and we will explore how our animals help us to be more loving and humane.

▶️ Connecting the Congregation September 3, 2023

As described in the book, ”The Song of the Cell,” our own human cells evolved from single celled organisms that were capable of living independently. Over evolutionary history, our cells determined that the benefits of interdependence resulted in better survival. Although we as individuals can survive to some degree in isolation, we do better together. The Encouragement Committee has a role in helping each Individual feel connected to the others.

▶️ How to Explain Unitarian Universalism without a Pamphlet August 27, 2023

Think about those times when someone has seen the flaming chalice pin or necklace you’re wearing and asked, ‘oh… UU… what’s that? What do you say? How do you explain this church? These people? This history? This way of being religious – WITHOUT – telling them everything we’re NOT? Come to this service if you want to hear how we claim this faith tradition with excitement and pride! QUESTION: What is Unitarian Universalism?

▶️ A Slight Change of Plans August 20, 2023

What is it about change that makes us feel so terrified to face and yet so terrific to have experienced. Something happens at our core that feels existentially vulnerable when we release control on certainty. Sometimes fear of change is so powerful we will foresake everything in order to avoid facing it. The relationship we forge with change will determine our circumstance, our company, our politics and our legacy. In this service we will finally ask the question, ‘what’s so good about change?’

▶️ Growing ‘Yes’ Brain Souls August 13, 2023

The service this Sunday is really special. MPUUC will have our first Child Dedication service in nearly 4 years. And we’ll have not only ONE child dedication, but THREE. Three families will bring their children and their promise to make MPUUC part of their lives. And they will ask for promises in return. Which brings up the question: What, exactly, do we promise when we accept the honor to dedicate ourselves to a child’s upbringing? And what is required to make good on such promises? In this service, created by Rev. Greg and Ariel Smith-Iyer, we will explore the work and commitment in creating a positive and loving place for learning.

▶️ Music at Mission Peak: A Harmonious Future August 6, 2023

This service will explore the range of music possible as we transition to more live performances and, eventually, an expanded music program. Von Bringhurst, our new choir director, will lead the service, the choir will sing both in-person and virtually, and other Mission Peak musicians and musical groups will delight you with their live and virtual offerings. A magnificent celebration of our musical future at Mission Peak!

▶️ Real Self Care Beyond Bubble Bath July 30, 2023

In a stressful world we all need to have self care. Something more than a bubble bath or fancy tea service, even a massage. True self care involves the kind of moves that keep the same stressors from continuing. It mey involve changes or setting limits or reframing one’s view of life. Not easy but true self care can open up new paths forward. Mark Rahman will lead the service and assisting will be Worship Associate Rev. Barbara Meyers. Worship Host will be David Gibbons. Peak Performers and Peak Rocks will provide our music.

▶️ MY GOD July 23, 2023

Though we Unitarian Universalists do not have any required or standard theology, we have our individual understandings of the divine. My understanding of divine began to develop in my youth, and has continued to grow and shift throughout my life. From studying many belief systems from many sources, I have realized that there are many meanings of the word GOD. As a result, I have concluded that I am an atheist, an agnostic, and a theist, all three, depending on which meaning of GOD is used. I will recount some of the GODs in which I do not believe, some concerning which I am uncertain, and what I do believe. MY GOD is abstract, consisting of the concepts of LOGIC, TRUTH and LOVE. My faith is that these can consistently guide my life.

▶️ UUA General Assembly 2023 July 16, 2023

General Assembly 2023 was eventful with a new UUA President selected, much work on Article II of the UUA bylaws, and some inspiring speeches. Come learn what is happening in your denomination.

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