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▶️ Disability Justice December 4, 2022

The UUA has recently made a commitment to make disability one of the social justice issues it will focus on. We will look at this topic, the history of disability in our denomination and where we are called to take it as the future unfolds. Rev. Barbara has been involved in disability issues during her ministry and will give her perspective on the struggle.

▶️ Guest at Your Table November 28, 2022

More than 80 years ago, a small delegation of the Unitarian Service Committee were sent to western Europe to offer a response to those victims of the ethnic cleansing and human rights violations taking place under the reign of terror imposed by the Third Reich. That essential and successful justice campaign set into motion a ministry of engagement from Unitarians – and later Unitarian Universalists – responding to international human rights violations. Today our work of exercising our principles can be seen all around the globe. In this service, we will meet four people who will act as ambassadors for the work we do at raising awareness and support for justice world wide. Our offering in this service will Share the Plate with the UU Service Committee.

▶️ Survival of the Friendliest November 20, 2022

How in the world did we make it this far? Had impartial observers witnessing evolutionary dynamic been asked to place a wager on which human species would thrive and go on to dominate the planet, Homo Sapiens would certainly not have been the leading candidate. But the reason we did is not due to the misunderstood theory of Darwin dealing with ‘survival of the fittest’. It is more accurate to say we successfully evolved due to ‘survival of the friendliest.’ In this service we will explore the internal tendencies that led to our success and how we have sometimes overridden such evolutionary code to our peril. In this service we will welcome our new members joining MPUUC.

▶️ A Dream Forgotten November 13, 2022

Our MPUUC CaYRE program (for Children and Youth) has been in significant transition. Several events over the last five years have led to families, parents, Youth, Children and others taking a step back. Most recently, a beloved DRE also stepped away. The good news is that I strongly believe there are amazing insights that will help us understand and remember the Dream that we – together – all held for MPUUC’s CaYRE program. The bad news is I can’t say exactly what they are. But, I believe without a doubt, that WE can. Our collective wisdom knows both the love within the dream; and the disappointment of a dream denied. In this service we will explore the power of our hope as well as our hurt.

▶️ Habits of the Heart November 6, 2022

Habits of the Heart is an idea from Parker J. Palmer as he talks about conditioning our hearts to break in the right way – which is to say, ‘break open.’ What kind of preparation is required of us if we are to be expected to respond with compassionate service and healing as opposed to responding with fragility and defensiveness?

▶️ Samhain: Connecting to the Spirit of Our Ancestors October 30, 2022

For the Celts, who lived during the Iron Age in what is now Ireland, Scotland, the U.K., Samhain (meaning literally, in modern Irish, “summer’s end”) marked the turning point in the year. It signaled a time where the end of a bountiful harvest met the start of a cold, dark winter. It also signaled a time where birth and life met death and rebirth. Many believed it was a time where the veil between this world and the afterworld was the thinnest and our ancestors came to be present with their descendants.

▶️ The Politics of the Brokenhearted October 23, 2022

At a time when the U.S. was still a fledgling democracy and we were even more tenuous and fragile than we are today, Abraham Lincoln attempted to play a role in leading this democracy to a place where he asked us to appeal to ‘the better angels of our nature.’ What was he asking and what were the concerns he was responding to? And what do they have to do with today?

▶️ Woven in a Single Garment of Destiny October 16, 2022

Our interconnection comes despite our differences. We’re beginning to all notice how a war in Ukraine can cause hunger throughout Europe; and gas shortages in other parts of the world. The pandemic taught us that we don’t need to know one another or agree to infect each other. It is time we proactively and positively employed our interconnection for cooperation rather than reactively braced for it on hindsight. In this service brought to us by leaders at the UUA, we will consider the single garment of destiny that binds us together.

▶️ Why the Right Get it Wrong and the Left Don’t Get it October 9, 2022

This is part one of a 4 part sermon series on politics and democracy. This one speaks to Capitalism as a special element of democracy and how capitalism has positioned itself to be more important than almost everything else – including health and well being.

▶️ Feet on the Ground October 2, 2022

How do you put your UU values into practice? How can you use what you believe to make decisions about what you should and should not do? Voting. Problem Solving. Parenting. Relationships. Today we will talk about personal ethics–aligning values with behavior. #ethics. #values and behaviors

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