What If?

When we prepare for what’s ahead we are invariability challenged by the need to surrender to a complex combination of realities and mysteries. And surrender rarely comes easily, or without cost. Today we’ll explore how a few well-placed questions can help us gain the clarity … read more.

How Am I Loving Us Right Now?

From birth, we learn to pay close attention to what will win the approval of caregivers. We carefully master ways to shape our behavior to what is wanted so we can get the love we know we need. We suppress our own needs to please … read more.

Questions and Answers of Sufferagism

March is national women’s month and, although there have been many who have heroically advanced the role of women in the U.S. and around the world, it still remains astounding the roadblocks we continue to encounter in shattering the glass ceiling. In this, our annual … read more.