The Brain Trust Behind Any New Deal

From the very beginnings of this ‘experiment called democracy’, the U.S. has been caught in the middle of an age-old fight: between the founding fathers (who were land-owning, educated, white men) and the second tier (in terms of privilege) and ever more populous in number: … read more.

Opening the Door

We as UUs are often called to open doors to new understanding and yet struggle with change. Perhaps the answer resides in how we perceive the world and the biases we bring to the conversation. Can we, are we capable of residing and living into … read more.

Easter as a Second Language

Have you ever had someone tell you a story and it was so hard to understand it felt like they were speaking in a foreign language? Unitarians Universalists have, for much of their recent history, had that kind of experience when listening to the story … read more.

The Better Angels of Our Nature

Sometimes we find ourselves in a conflict of feeling torn. We’re called toward something new, but with an uncomfortable and unshakeable loyalty to what is being replaced. This is a service where we explore the conversation that divided the nation – and still does. We … read more.