Our congregation has voted to offer support for persons in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) custody seeking legal asylum in the United States. An asylum-seeker is someone whose request for sanctuary has yet to be processed. Every year, around one million people seek asylum around the world. National asylum systems are in place to determine who qualifies for international protection. Under international law, these are persons forced to flee their own country because of a threat of persecution and because they lack protection there. They are a different class than economic refugees, who do not enjoy this legal status.

To date, eight members of Mission Peak UU have been trained by the Nueva Esperanza Accompaniment Team program. NEAT works with congregations to form a support team of at least five people that walk alongside newly arrived immigrants for a six- to twelve-month period in the local community. Our Mission Peak team is currently seeking available housing for an asylum-seeker in the area. Allie King heads the congregation’s immigration and asylum efforts. She can be reached at 561-901-5446 or allie.king@gmail.com