Sexuality Education for 7th-9th Grade Youth

Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education Class for 7th-9th Grade Youth is starting soon.

Parents are children’s primary teachers, but what is society teaching our children about sexuality? Our Whole Lives is an antidote to sexualized media messages, peer pressure, misinformation and prejudice. It provides accurate, age-appropriate information, puts sexuality in the context of values and personal responsibility, supports healthy decision making, and strengthens social skills. These skills and values help prepare youth to make healthy choices for life.

Mandatory parent’s orientations are on:

Oct. 20th, 2019 3PM-6PM at the First United Methodist Church Campus, 2950 Washington Boulevard, Fremont, CA


Nov. 17th, 2019 3PM-6PM at First Unitarian Church of San José, 160 North Third Street, San Jose, CA

Parents must come to one of the 2 orientations for their youth to participate. Youth classes are on 11 Sunday afternoons and 1 Saturday afternoon/evening, each covering multiple workshops, starting in January 2018.