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This Week on the Peak – Wednesday, November 27, 2019
This Week on the Peak
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November 27, 2019

Ministerial Musings
Grateful Thanksgiving everyone! It isn’t always the happiest of times, the holidays, but I hope you can look at this season as a time of gratitude and hope. There are times when the holidays bring on painful memories and I pray that for you all out there that your memories and experiences will be peaceful and gentle ones.
I was privileged to MC the Tri-City Interfaith Council’s annual Thanksgiving Service Monday evening at St. Joseph’s with Shamsa Rafay another Council member. In this service I was reminded by Pastor Jeff Spencer of how it is up to us to change the narrative we have been raised with about this holiday. He preached about the false history we have grown to believe, how we have neglected to acknowledge the damage we have done to the First Nations who had always lived here, how the racism and destruction of millions of people were viewed as inconsequential.
It can be so disheartening to review this history and feel the guilt and shame that we must feel on knowing that we did this. But there is hope. For we can view our history, acknowledge our participation in it, and vow to take action to rectify and repair what we have done in the past. One of the reparations I give every November is to donate to the First Nations Development Institute and to the American Indian College Fund. I have been doing this for over 10 years now and feel that is one way I can make reparations for what my government did in the past. Our government has not taken steps to repair the damage we have done, so maybe it is time for us to do it. And it doesn’t have to be to those organizations, those are just examples, but to give to those organizations that are helping Native Americans to recover and begin to thrive could be a first step in helping to mend and to heal the First Nations and ourselves. For when we carry the scars of what our ancestors wrought, it is a burden that we don’t even know we are carrying. Reparation heals both sides of the damage. Our country would benefit with this repair as much as the First Nations would.
So, let us celebrate this Thursday and keep in our hearts all of those in need, for there are many. If you can volunteer or donate time or money to those who are truly in need, isn’t that the greatest way to give thanks? Let not our privilege get in the way of helping others. Let us be grateful and serve those in need.
Have a Grateful Thanksgiving.
Grateful Blessings to you all,
Rev Jo
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This Sunday’s Service:

Mystery of Evolution 
In my younger days I was perplexed by the mystery of whether the many species of life originated by evolution, as my school books said, or by separate creation, as my church said. This led me to the mystery of how one answers such a question. In tackling those two mysteries, I realize I was choosing between two world views. I was choosing the possibility of advancement instead of idealization of the past; I was choosing progressive change instead of quick fixes; I was choosing the ability of any individual to learn and contribute, instead of submitting to authority. And I have found grandeur in this view of life.
Paul K. Davis will lead the service and assisting will be Worship Associate Allysson McDonald. Peak Performers will provide our music.
Guest At Your Table

Last Sunday we introduced the Guest at Your Table program that UUSC does every year. If you didn’t receive a box on that day, we have some in the office and you can contact Rev. Jo to get one for your table. GAYT is UUSC’s annual intergenerational program to raise support for and awareness about various issues and this year they are focusing on helping advance women-led human rights initiatives around the world.
Guest at Your Table gifts of $125 or more are eligible to be matched dollar for dollar by the UU Congregation at Shelter Rock. Take advantage of this special matching gift today!
You can learn more about Guest at Your Table at
Rev Jo Green
Holiday Season Book Signing
On December 1 our Minister Emeritus, Dr. Chris Schriner, will sign copies of his books after the service. Do you have family members or friends who are interested in spiritual exploration, theology, philosophy, or ways of reducing stress? They might appreciate a gift of one of Chris’ books, which include Bridging the God Gap: Finding Common Ground Among Believers, Atheists and Agnostics; Your Living Mind: The Mystery of Consciousness and Why It Matters to You; Do Think Twice: Provocative Reflections on Age-Old Questions; and Feel Better Now: 30 Ways to Handle Frustration in 3 Minutes or Less. 20% of the proceeds will be donated to MPUUC.
Put a Smile on a Child’s Face!

The Tri-City Volunteers need our help spreading holiday cheer for their clients’ kids. Once again we are hosting a TVC Toy Barrel In Cole Hall (November 24-December 15). Choose a toy, game, or activity from this wish list for $20, and bring it unwrapped to one of our services. Your actions DO make a difference in someone’s life! Contact Allysson McDonald if you have questions. Happy Holidays!
Board Briefs

The Mission Peak UU board met on Nov. 14th.
The board voted to:
*    Appoint Allie King be the chair of the Asylum Seeker support project.
*    Approve a draft settled minister contract for the search committee to use
*    Agreed on the final wording of our board covenant

We also announced the following
*    The executive team Week on the Peak editorial policy is posted at
*    Justice Council meeting: Dec 8th 11:30AM in office
*    Ministry Council meeting:  Dec. 3, 7:30PM in office
*    Operations/Personnel Council meeting: Dec. 10, 7:30PM, Steve’s house

For complete board minutes of previous meeting go to the members only section of our web site at

Our next board meeting is on Dec 19th at 7:15PM at Allysson’s house.

For more details or questions email
Mission Peak Wish List

Color Printer for the office
Wardrobe Stand
Video Camera  
Printer Desk 
Please contact Rev. Jo or Sandra if you can help with these items for the office.
Thank you. 

The Fellowship Committee Needs YOU!

Do you enjoy the social events we have at Mission Peak? Would you like to see more events? The Fellowship Committee needs more members. Many hands make light work, and we could use a few more hands. We meet around once a quarter and try to plan or support 2-3 events a quarter. Best of all we have a lot of fun together. If you’re interested in joining our ‘merry band’, please contact Jen King.

Turning Love Into Justice:
The Tri-City Interfaith Council ( is a grass-roots organization bringing together people of diverse religious beliefs from Fremont, Newark, and Union City (California). Rev. Jo Green, Rev. Barbara Meyers and Paul K. Davis are members.  Join in!  
Join the Interfaith council as we stand together for the
Call your Elected Officials!  
Calls can make a difference! Contact your representatives to alert them to your views!

Congressperson Eric Swalwell 510-247-1388 or go to 
Ro Khanna  (202) 225-2631 
Senator Kamala Harris   (202) 224 – 3553
Senator Diane Feinstein (202) 224-3841
What is Shifting in You: From “Fear” to “Faith”

By Rev. Sarah Gibb Millspaugh

What would Unitarian Universalism be like if we lived from our faith  more than we lived from our fears ? And when I say “we,” I mean each of us, and each of our UU institutions. What would we be like if our minds, our hearts, our spirits shifted from fear  to faith ?

This is an open question that we on Pacific Western Region staff are asking of ourselves and our congregations. It’s one of the seven shifts that we are fostering in Unitarian Universalism. ( click here for rest of article.)

Reverend Jo Green
Poor People’s Campaign

Join the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival in San Francisco for its California stop of the national We Must Do M.O.R.E. tour. Be part of this faith-rooted, intersectionality-minded movement for collective liberation as we mobilize, organize, register, and educate.  Be a part of the UU contingent with UUJMCA and California UUs by signing up on the UUJMCA event or emailing us at Find out more information about the M.O.R.E. tour from the Poor People’s Campaign by visiting their  event pageUUJMCA will also be holding a webinar before the December 11 event to connect folks who’d like to know more about the Poor People’s Campaign and how to stay engaged. Sign up for our event on Facebook or email us to get the details when they are finalized!   
Reverend Jo Green
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