This Week on the Peak

This Week on the Peak

Mission Peak UU – Fremont, CA

The Home of Liberal Religion in the Tri-Cities and Beyond!

August 22, 2018

Hello, members and friends of Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation. I’m Paul K Davis, and I am your congregational President for the present term. Most of you know me, but it’s good to review from time to time.
My father was a Methodist Minister during my childhood. My mother was a Baptist. Though I no longer agree with all of their beliefs, they have strongly influenced me. I seek to honor and respect them while pursuing my own logical search for truth, and living a loving life.
It was early apparent that I had a gift for mathematics and science, which led me to earn a Ph.D. in physics from the University of California in Berkeley, and to spend much of my career working for NASA designing space telescopes. In the process I served two terms as President of the Ames Federal Employees Union.
In 2005, after many years without a religious affiliation, I joined my friend Mark Rahman here at Mission Peak. I treasure my experiences here, especially what I have learned from Reverends Chris Schriner, Barbara Meyers, Joy Atkinson and Jeremy Nickel.
The congregation is not my only interest in my retirement. I am a board member of the Sacramento Archeological Society, a volunteer at the Fremont Cultural Arts Council, an active member of the Fremont Area Writers, and a frequent violinist or violist in local community theatre pit orchestras.
During my presidency, and next year during my service as Past-President, please feel free to talk with me about congregational issues. We are a democracy, and all members are an essential part of democratic success.
Paul K. Davis

This Sunday’s Service:
Raising UU Kids
Worship associates Kathy Wallcave and Ilze Duarte are co-leading this service. They will talk about the role that Unitarian Universalism and this congregation in particular have played in their parenting. They will also share how their children-Ilze’s teenagers and Kathy’s young adults–have lived out these values and viewed the spiritual foundation they have received as Unitarian Universalists.


Kathy Wallcave and Ilze Duarte will lead the service.  Jo Ann Schriner will provide our music.
Ask And Tell Your Congregational President

If you are a member of Mission Peak U-U Congregation you are invited to come meet with Congregational President Paul K Davis after the service on Sunday, August 26.  Please ask me things about congregational business or tell me what I should hear.  Drop in at our office any time between 11:30 and 12:30.




Pastoral Care for August

For August, please contact Barbara Meyers at 
510-796-5722 for any pastoral care needs you may have.


Don’t hesitate to reach out and thank you!


Rev. Jo is in Minneapolis this week for UUA training for Interim Ministers.  She met with the Transition Team on Saturday, August 18 to schedule her earliest activities with Mission Peak members and the various Committees, Councils and Boards of the Congregation.  Her goods did not arrive before she left. The movers said they had a ten-day window for deliveries, so we may still be asking for volunteers to help her unpack next week (
Aug 27-31.) Please e

if you are interested in helping.



Rev. Jo will be in the pulpit for our Water Ceremony Service on September 9. Please plan to come for this special, annual service and to meet Rev. Jo.  We will have a Congregational Potluck after the Service to allow time for lots of introductions.
If you are interested in scheduling an individual meeting to get to know Rev. Jo, those will take place beginning in October and you can email the Transition Team to set up a date and time. If you have any questions about Rev. Jo and our new beginning together at Mission Peak, please email the Transition Team at


DeAnna Alm (chair), Annette Breingan, Alan Davis, Holly Ito, and Valerie Stewart.
Children & Youth Religious Education (CaYRE)

Join CaYRE
this Friday at Fremont Street Eats.
CaYRE will be hosting a table at Fremont Street Eats
this Friday from
5pm to 10pm.
Fremont Street Eats is a weekly food and music festival organized by the Chamber of Commerce.
Volunteers still needed.  Please contact

This is a fun opportunity to share the joys of MPUUC with the Fremont community.  No experience necessary, join us, bring your friends and family.
Fremont Street Eats
  • FRIDAY, AUGUST 24, 2018
  • 5:00 PM  10:00 PM


We are also currently searching for a new RE Coordinator.  You can find our job listing at Please pass it along to anyone who may be interested.


Save the Date:


August 30 5:30-7:30 p.m. at Fremont Central Park Pavilion:  One Community, One World Summer Concert.  A non-religious, non-political community event which welcomes anyone who wants to foster a harmonious community spirit to build a community partnerships, and to instill and promote a common civic pride. Please click
here for flyer.


September 9:  After Service (this is our Annual Water Service) there will be a Congregational Potluck Picnic – welcoming ALL to MPUUC- especially Rev. Jo.
(Sign-up for the Potluck will follow soon.)
Black & White Gala – SAVE THE DATE – November 3rd: The Black & White Gala will be Saturday, November 3 from 6:00-10:00pm.  Please PUT IT ON YOUR CALENDAR, invite friends, plan your outfit (our theme this year is Mardi Gras), and start thinking of items you can donate to the auction and make for the boutique. It will be a great event and a TON of fun, but we can’t do it without you!!






Get Involved: Opportunities for Service




Sunday Services NEEDS your help.  Thank you to those members who have recently stepped in to help.  We still need help with the following tasks:

Coffee Set-Up & Take Down (we will provide training and detailed instructions) – The 1st
Sunday of each month is currently vacant.

Goodies (they don’t need to be homemade…they just need to exist) – The 2nd & 3rd
Sunday of each month need additional volunteers.

Take-Down (putting away the chairs, hymnals, etc. after services – we will provide training and instructions) – The 1st & 2nd
Sunday of each month need additional volunteers.
You can sign up on an ongoing basis for the
Sunday’s indicated above by contacting Jen King, or you can sign up (especially over the summer) on an ad hoc basis by following this link:




Ask what committees can use new members or specific tasks done: contact someone from the Membership Committee, there is at least one representative from the committee at every service
or Jen King, Leadership Development

It’s your community. Be a part of it with a little time and talent, too! 


Turning Love Into Justice:



The Tri-City Interfaith Council (  is a grass-roots organization bringing together people of diverse religious beliefs from Fremont, Newark, and Union City (California). Rev. Barbara Meyers and Paul K. Davis are members.  Join in!

Vision Statement
To promote respect, understanding, cooperation, and appreciation for the many spiritual paths and faith traditions within our community which inspire and teach us to love and support one another more fully.

Mission Statement
We are people from various spiritual backgrounds and experiences who envision an inclusive society in which people of all faiths and traditions respect and appreciate one another.









Call your Elected Officials!  
Calls can make a difference! Contact your representatives to alert them to your views!

Congressperson Eric Swalwell 510-247-1388 or go to
Ro Khanna  (202) 225-2631
Senator Kamala Harris
(202) 224 – 3553
Senator Diane Feinstein (202) 224-3841




At the MPUUC Board meeting this week the Charter for the new Fellowship Committee was approved!
The Fellowship Committee is tasked with creating fellowship opportunities at Mission Peak in the following ways:
1. Planning and executing events designed to bring together Mission Peak members & friends for different activities such as: Potlucks, picnics, game nights, musical events, etc.
2. Serving as a resource for other committees who want to plan an event.  The fellowship committee will be available to help plan events and possibly oversee some or all of the logistical aspects of the event (food, audio visual, set-up, clean-up, etc.) leaving the members of the committee or group sponsoring the event to focus on the content of the event.
3. Planning and executing the annual Black & White Gala fundraiser for the congregation.
So, now we have a charter and a mission – l
et’s get this party started! All we need is YOU!!  After the service this Sunday (and many Sunday’s to come) we will be outside during coffee hour with sign-up sheets galore!  We will be soliciting your ideas for events, asking for committee members & ad hoc volunteers, and asking you to sign up to help plan, implement, and participate in this year’s Black & White Gala. Please stop by and sign up!!
If you have more questions about the Fellowship Committee, please check out our charter on the Mission Peak website or talk to Fellowship Chairperson – Jen King.

Communication Workshop on Saturday, September 29

The Rev. Cat Cox, a community minster with long experience helping congregations with community building, living in right relations and compassionate communication, will be coming to Mission Peak on
Saturday September 29th in Cole Hall. She will lead us in a workshop on how to communicate effectively with love and compassion, and other skills necessary to build the sort of community we’d all like Mission Peak to be. Some details are still being worked out, but the event will basically run from
9:00 am to 4:00 pm with a break for lunch. I anticipate some small charge to cover incidentals, but thanks to the generous folks who contributed to Share the Plate this past
Sunday, plus some outside funding, we have raised most of the money to cover Cat’s fee!
If you weren’t able to contribute
on Sunday, August 12,  but would still like to, simply drop a check made out to “Mission Peak” in the collection plate this Sunday with “Communication Workshop” written in the memo line. Any money left over after the event will be used for future community building and leadership training.
Thanks, and hope to see you there.

Mission Peak UU | 2950 Washington Blvd Fremont CA | 510.252.1477 |