▶️ Courageous Conversations and the Spiritual Art of Reconciliation

10AM Sunday 8/29/2021 Rev. Greg Ward

He had bumped up against it his whole life: condemnation, derision, contempt, exclusion… But he could never wrap his head around it. He couldn’t understand it. ‘How can they hate me, if they don’t even know me?’ he asked. This simple question propelled him. It transformed his anger to energy, his fear to curiosity, his despondency to courage to confront his oppressors. This service is about one man’s story of learning how to challenge ‘haters’ without ingesting hate. It is about taking the prejudice that builds walls and using it as energy to build reconciliation.

Order of Service

Link to webpage with Courageous Conversation resources mentioned in Going Deeper video (below) for the Service.