Speaker: Rev. Greg Ward

The Better Angels of Our Nature

Sometimes we find ourselves in a conflict of feeling torn. We’re called toward something new, but with an uncomfortable and unshakeable loyalty to what is being replaced. This is a service where we explore the conversation that divided the nation – and still does. We … read more.

Easter as a Second Language

Have you ever had someone tell you a story and it was so hard to understand it felt like they were speaking in a foreign language? Unitarians Universalists have, for much of their recent history, had that kind of experience when listening to the story … read more.

The Brain Trust Behind Any New Deal

From the very beginnings of this ‘experiment called democracy’, the U.S. has been caught in the middle of an age-old fight: between the founding fathers (who were land-owning, educated, white men) and the second tier (in terms of privilege) and ever more populous in number: … read more.

Loving From the Insight Out

What makes you shine? And how does the light you possess brighten the world around you? Those are hard questions for Puritan minded folks who were taught not to pay any mind to the light within. But, often, they don’t prove much easier for UUs … read more.


In the 1987 movie, ‘The Princess Bride’ the character of Vizzini (played wonderfully by Wallace Shawn) keeps watching his evil plans be thwarted by the heroics of protagonists, Westly and Buttercup. ‘Inconceivable!’ he cries. This is a service where we try to imagine a world … read more.

Love Hero

Cornell West once said that “Justice is what Love looks like in public.” Each year, MPUUC celebrates a ‘Love Hero’ – a person or group who exercises the kind of ‘public love’ that resembles and inspires justice. This year, our Love Hero is Sergio Jaime … read more.

The Myths and Realities of True Love

Falling in love is the euphoric moment when we discover someone with the unique combination of what you’ve always wanted and needed: attention, acceptance, appreciation, affection, allowance – what David Richo calls ‘the 5 A’s of Love’. And, somehow, you muster the courage to go … read more.

The Good Ancestor

We live in the age where we’re subject to the tyranny of the ‘now.’ Driven by Facebook, tweeting, 24/7 news, and the ‘buy-now’ button. But the obsession with the immediate has further decimated our abilities for long-term planning. And the truth is resolving the problems … read more.


Greek philosopher Heraclitus once talked about our quest for stability and permanence and the pain that’s inevitable in a world that never stops evolving. He said, ‘The only thing constant in this world is change.’ Buddhists have a similar take, citing ‘impermanence’ as a more … read more.

Christmas Eve Service

In this traditional Christmas Eve Service, we will be visited by three Ghosts and the man who calls forth their presence. This man has reduced his life – indeed ALL the lives around him – to practicality, personal advancement and profit. He has forgotten wonder, … read more.