Speaker: Rev. Greg Ward


Covenant – the intentionality of being in ‘right relations’ with those around us is an ideal we strive to live up to. And, because we are perfectly imperfect, we (like all human beings) occasionally fall short of our ideals – and those who love us … read more.

Noah’s Dilemma/Water Communion

Noah had a dilemma. It seems the world was going to hell in a handbasket and, frankly, he was hoping for something a little more promising. Together with his neighbor and the wisdom of the animals of his community, they reflect on a theology that … read more.

Perfect Strangers

In his introductory service, Rev. Greg will start off by asking people NOT to be on ‘best behavior’. Instead, he asks them to take the kind of risks necessary to be ‘real.’ Being real means being willing to make mistakes without scrambling to cover them … read more.

Beset by Our Birth

Although our culture claims a person controls their own destiny, new research shows we might inherit a good deal of pre-loaded software.  A forebearer’s experience might influence a descendant’s decision – even if they never meet.  This service will explore why knowing the people on whose shoulders … read more.

Questions and Answers

This global pandemic has rolled in with significant disruption and tragedy.  We, who appreciated ‘normal,’ now grieve its passing and wonder what to expect from plan B, C or D.  Attention turns to experts for answers.  But as James Thurber once said, “Sometimes, it’s better to have a … read more.