Speaker: Rev. Greg Ward

Grief For Beginners

None of us know how to do it until we have to. We often go for years, giving what seems like good advice to everyone else who comes upon the unthinkable. But, suddenly, when we find ourselves – moments after a screaming match with mortality … read more.

Dragged Kicking and Screaming

On the 250th anniversary of John Murray washing up on the shore close to New Jersey. Thomas Potter believe that a prophet would arrive. He built a church and waited. What arrived was a weary man who wound up bringing the blessing and burden of … read more.

Water Communion

This morning we will reflect on the role of water in our lives. We will explore how it is that the indispensable source and biproduct of life-giving processes is in such a precarious shortage. We will look at how water wields power and influence, as … read more.

The God of Our Misunderstandings

The road to reconciliation has a great advocate and nemesis all in one: religion. On the one hand we hear religion’s testimony of peace, harmony and compassionate co-existence. Yet, that’s often countered by its absolutes, extremism and division. In this service, we look not at … read more.

The Peachseed Monkey

What is the Peachseed Monkey? According to writer, Sam Keen, it is that often missing and always sacred point of connection with our fathers. It is the unbreakable bond all-too-often left to our imaginations which names us as precious in the eyes of the parent … read more.

Flower Communion

There is a tradition that, within the religious world, is rather unique to Unitarian Universalism. It came at a time of tremendous political turmoil and tension when a defiant idealist encouraged everyone to surrender to the spirit of beauty, wonder and generosity. This service is … read more.

Perrrr-fect Equanimity

In my 15 plus years of trying to be a Buddhist, I have learned a few things about the Buddha, a good deal more about others on the path and a whole lot about myself. But I have only managed one or two undeniable truths … read more.

Tolling of the Bells

It is important to set aside time to remember and honor the important figures who have died in service of the world. We will take time to recognize and remember those from MPUUC who we’ve lost, those in the greater UU World, those in the … read more.