Speaker: Rev. Greg Ward

Buen Camino

The Camino Santiago de Compostella is a path of pilgrims. Although it has, in recent times, been romanticized, it was not established for the romantic. Or the adventurous. It was made for those who were bereft or lost. It was made for those in pain … read more.

A Slight Change of Plans

What is it about change that makes us feel so terrified to face and yet so terrific to have experienced. Something happens at our core that feels existentially vulnerable when we release control on certainty. Sometimes fear of change is so powerful we will foresake … read more.

Growing ‘Yes’ Brain Souls

The service this Sunday is really special. MPUUC will have our first Child Dedication service in nearly 4 years. And we’ll have not only ONE child dedication, but THREE. Three families will bring their children and their promise to make MPUUC part of their lives. … read more.

The First Thing to Know about the 2nd

The right to bear arms has a history even longer – and clearer – than our country’s history. It has been cited by proponents as a non-negotiable right belonging to early colonists who had to protect themselves in the wilderness. It was a central issue … read more.

I’ll Love You Forever

Our relationship with our mothers is one of both tenderness and tension. Rare indeed is the individual who had every need of mothering met by the mother they were given. It is part of our rite of passage to be born into absolute dependence, struggle … read more.