All people of good will are welcome here at Mission Peak. We do not all think alike—about God or spirituality or any other matter of concern—but we strive to do all we can to love the world and all its people by doing the good we know to do.  We gather in community on Sunday mornings to explore and express our deepest values and longings and to strengthen our bonds with one another.

The word “worship” is an ancient word meaning, that which is worthy, worthy of honoring and lifting up.  We come together to experience an extraordinary hour or so in the midst of our day-to-day lives to feel and be a part of the healing power of loving community, and to help us keep focus on doing the good with one another and beyond our walls.

We are a religious community in that we are bound together—a meaning at the root of the word “religion”—and we revere that bond we have as a covenantal community.

Join us, maybe a few times, maybe many times and if our community is a good fit for you and your family, talk to us about formally joining Mission Peak as a member.

You are welcome here!