1. Explain the circumstances of a grieving experience in your life and how you reacted. How did it compare with the Intern Leah Moreno’s experience?
  2. What kinds of things did you do to try and get over it?
  3. What was most helpful? Least helpful?
  4. Have you experienced a grief caused by something other than death? How did it differ from other griefs you have experienced?
  5. What do you think about Dr. Nancy Hebble’s statement that it is important to grieve and that if we don’t grieve for the loss of something important in our lives, sometimes we become “stuck” and unable to move forward in your life? Have you experienced this or seen it happen in others you know?
  6. What did you think about the stages of grief that Dr. Hebble proposed, and her suggestions at each stage?
    1. Acceptance of the reality of a loss – shock
    2. Working through the pain – catharsis and depression.
    3. Adjusting to the environment – getting used to it.
    4. Emotionally relocating – Learning to live without the physical presence of the other.
  7. Have you had any experience with any of the things she recommended? If so, how did it work out?
  8. Have you participated in a grief support group? What do you think are the particlar advantages of this way of grieving?
  9. It was interesting to hear that there are special grief support groups for suicide and death by trauma. Why do you think it is useful to have special groups for grieving these types of death?
  10. Have you ever been involved with using Art Therapy to help with grief or another psychological problem? What do you think of the contention that by creating art, we can access feelings that are unverbalizable?

Notes: For resources see: Resources for Grief