1. Do you know anyone who has been affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? What was the cause? ex: War, Rape, Assault, … What were the symptoms?
  2. If you know someone, how has it impacted their life and the lives of their family?
  3. What can you do to assist people with PTSD to get some help?
    • Encourage them to be evaluated by a professional mental health worker. This might be at the Veteran’s Administration or by a private psychiatrist.
    • If they are severely disabled from the effects of PTSD, encourage them to seek an intensive therapy program. For example, the Veterans Administration has such programs.
    • Help them to learn all they can about PTSD and possible treatments
    • Encourage them to stay on their treatment plan or work with their doctor/therapist to change the plan until it works
    • Help them to find a support group of peers who are going through the same thing
    • Help them to find an organization that they can join with others to help limit the effects of PTSD and aid in healing
    • Help their family in learning about PTSD and supporting their loved one
  4. What kind of advocacy to help people with PTSD would you like to engage in or encourage others to engage in?
    • Get involved in victim’s rights organizations
    • Join the peace movement
    • Volunteer for a program that deals with people with PTSD
    • Disseminate information about PTSD
    • Encourage mental health workers to be trained to handle PTSD

For resources see: Resources for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder