Hybrid Services in Cole Hall

We are having hybrid services with worship leaders and congregants in Cole Hall and on Zoom. We will provide three ways to attend the service — via Zoom, sitting inside Cole Hall, or sitting on the patio outside Cole Hall. Please volunteer to help in Cole Hall if you are able. (See below for how you can help.)

We encourage attendees to be masked inside, using N95 (or equivalent) which are more effective than cloth or surgical masks. We have such masks available in Cole Hall on Sunday mornings. The end of the mask requirement does not mean the end of COVID-19, which will remain present in our community. We are allowing attendees to decide which tools to use to keep themselves and others as healthy as possible.

Because vaccinated people can still spread the disease to others, we strongly encourage those in contact with unvaccinated or immunocompromised people to attend services outside or via Zoom.

The Safety Policy on how we allow services in Cole Hall and other events is in the About->Congregational Documents” section of the mpuuc.org web site. If you wonder how we are trying to keep us all safe as we gather together again, please read it. 

Please volunteer to help us so we can meet in Cole Hall every Sunday. Contact Valerie Stewart to volunteer.

While we would love to offer our traditional coffee hour after the service, we must prioritize getting volunteers to have the service in Cole Hall first so we will not always be serving food or drinks at “coffee hour” until we have volunteers to fill all of the positions below. The following functions are needed to support a service in Cole Hall (Bold functions are especially needed) :

  • Pulpit Set-Up/Take Down
  • Aesthetics
  • Greeters
  • Safety Monitor
  • Zoom and A/V host
  • Key Holder
TaskDescriptionTime Commitment
Pulpit Set-Up/Take DownCommensurate with our new “Self Service” plan we will not have to set up chairs and put out cushions and hymnals (service attendees will get their own), but we will have to set up the Pulpit area (lecturns etc.) and then break it down again after the service. The Tech gurus will deal with the microphones so it’s just the physical set up and take down of the pulpit area that is required. This person will work with the Aesthetics person or one person can do both tasks. They will need to make chairs, cushions and hymnals available and help those that need it.Should arrive by 8:30 am and can leave as soon as their tasks are finished after the service.
AestheticsThis person is in charge of decorating the Pulpit area. We have tons of fabric and other items that can be used for this. Flowers can be used as well. This task includes taking down and putting away the decorative elements after the service as well.Should arrive by 8:30 or 8:45 and can leave as soon as their tasks are finished after the service.
GreetersWe need 1-2 people for this task. Greeters greet people attending the service and hand out the Order of Service for the day. Greeters also make sure that visitors are made to feel welcome, informed of the childcare options if necessary, and introduced to the person staffing the Membership table for the day. Greeters remain at the door for the first 5-10 minutes of the service and then are welcome to take their seats.Should arrive by 9:30. Duties are concluded 5-10 miuntes after the service begins.
Zoom and A/V hostThe Zoom and A/V host is in charge of setting up the A/V equipment and hosting the Zoom sessionShould arrive by 9:00 am to set up equipment and stay until zoom breakout rooms are closed and equipment is put away. The Zoom and A/V host signups are on the worship hub
Safety MonitorThe Safety Monitor is in charge of enforcing the protocols outlined in the COVID Safety Policy enacted by the Board. Usually the Safety Monitor is the Board Rep for the day.Should arrive by 9:00 am and stay until most people have gone home.
Key HolderThe Key Holder is an MPUUC member who has been issued keys to Cole Hall and who agrees to be on site at 8:30 am to open up all the necessary doors and who stays after the service to lock up again. There is a clip board in the office with the Lock-up checklist on it. Usually the Key Holder is the Board Rep for the day.Must arrive at Cole Hall by 8:30 am. May need to stay until 12:00 or so if doing Lock-Up

Please contact Valerie Stewart to volunteer to help.