The Communion That’s Hard to Swallow [Video]

We live in a world of great disparity. Some get a lot. Some get enough. And some live every day on less than enough. The inequity of distribution of wealth and food and housing and privilege is striking when we look at it. What we do to see this or ignore it will determine whether it changes or remains in place.

Part 1 of the Service includes Prelude, Call to Worship, Welcome, Guest at Your Table Testimony, Welcome Song, Chalice Lighting, Time for All Ages, and Song of Reflection by Peak Rocks.

The Communion That’s Hard to Swallow (Part 1), 11/15/2020, Rev. Greg Ward

Part 2 of the Service includes Reflection, Music, Message by Rev. Ward, Closing Hymn, Extinguishing the Chalice, and Benediction.

The Communion That’s Hard to Swallow, (Part 2), 11/15/2020, Rev. Greg Ward

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