Speaker: Drew Wilson

Unitarian Universalist Leadership School: My Experience of Transformation

As part of a class offered by Rev. Jo entitled: “The Preacher Within”, I wrote a sermon about a particularly life changing event that I had experienced. Well, besides helping to build Mission Peak over the last 25 years, the most intense experience for me was attending the Pacific Central District’s Leadership School in 1995. This sermon relates some of the most significant and transformative events from that scary, tiring and mind blowing week.

Leadership as a Spiritual Practice

There are many spiritual practices which people undertake to cultivate personal spiritual development and experience. You might find Serving on the board or a committee of Mission Peak an unlikely candidate, but, if approached with dedication to be an effective leader in accordance with our UU principles and best leadership practices, it becomes one. We will explore some of what is involved in leading from a spiritual practice perspective at this service.