Speaker: Eddy Carroll

A Hopeful Journey

Eddy Carroll is a self-proclaimed UU Evangelist, always willing to share our good news with others. He has served 3 UU congregations over the last few decades in almost every leadership role possible including being the President of two congregational boards. He has also been on committees both for the UUA and the MDD. He graduated from the Russell Lockwood Leadership School in 1999 and was on its staff in 2000. Doing BCTs are hands down a joy for him. He is presently a Member of The First Unitarian Society in Denver CO where he is on the Religious Exploration Committee, Chairs the Green Sanctuary Committee, administers the Church’s Facebook Page and is known as “The Church Lady”. He is an Intake Specialist at The St. Francis Center, a Day Shelter serving the Homeless Community of Denver. He lives in Denver with his husband Glenn. While they have been together for over 32 years, they were finally able to legally marry in Colorado in December of 2014.