Speaker: Ilze Duarte

Revisiting Logic and Reason

In Unitarian Universalism, logic and reason have long been a source of wisdom in our search for truth and meaning. However, as a denomination we have at times failed to use logic and reason for our enlightenment. How can we ensure logic and reason are … read more.

Courageous Unitarian Universalists [pdf]

Throughout American history, Unitarians and Universalists have helped lead many of the social movements of their time: the abolition of slavery, universal suffrage, aid to war refugees, and the improvement of life conditions for struggling Americans, among others. Join us on June 23 to celebrate four Unitarian Universalists who devoted their lives to those causes and bravely lived out the values of our denomination.

Imperfect Kindness [pdf]

Each week, we light our chalice to remind ourselves to treat all people kindly. In these times of division, what does “kindly” look like? Ilze Duarte will share the lessons she has learned about kindness. Although—or perhaps because—these lessons come with contradictions and challenges, they underscore the importance of kindness as a spiritual practice.

Volunteer Appreciation Sunday

Join us in a celebration of all the people who volunteer their time and energy to keep our congregation going. Let us take this time also to reflect on how we want to continue giving of our time and talent to contribute to the health of the congregation and our own personal growth.

In Remembrance of the Departed

Ilze Duarte will describe some traditions from around the world for commemorating the deceased. Then, we will remember our own loved ones who have departed. Please bring, if you will, a picture or other mementos to share during the service.

The Power of Community [audio]

Now more than ever we need each other. We need the power of community. But how do we build community? How do we live peacefully and productively with those who seem to have so little in common with us? This Sunday, we will explore what it means to be in community with others and what benefits this can bring to the individual and to society.