Speaker: Rev. Jeremy Nickel

Rooting For the Laundry

In my final sermon as the Minister of Mission Peak UU, I will explore what being a baseball fan has taught me about how to best support the team you love, in this case, team Mission Peak UU.

The Lazy Mans Load [audio]

The first sermon I ever preached for this congregation began with a lesson from my grandmother that she called “The Lazy mans Load.” Seven years later I have a few new things to say about how this saying has shaped the way I understand spiritual community to work best.

The Story of Mission Peak

On this Sunday, the twenty-third anniversary of our Charter Sunday and the first signing of our Membership book, we will take a look back by telling the stories of several of our beloved objects, and how they came to be with us. Come learn about and help us remember the beautiful story of Mission Peak UU.

Earth Day

Come celebrate the planet that sustains us and hear about the five pillars of shifting your behavior towards more planet healthy choices.

Four Steps to Becoming a Better Listener

Reginald Zottoli wrote “The significance of the flower communion is that
as no two flowers are alike, so no two people are alike, yet each has a
contribution to make. Together the different flowers form a beautiful
bouquet. Our common bouquet would not be the same without the unique
addition of each individual flower, and thus it is with our church
community: it would not be the same without each and every one of us.

Thus this service is a statement of our community.” Come join us as we once again celebrate the gorgeous bouquet of our diversity. And don’t forget to bring some flowers from your garden or maybe the local farmers market!

The Music of Bad Ideas

Think you know why some things become popular and others don’t? Come find out the suprising lessons behind the science of popularity and what we can learn from it to help our beloved congregaiton grow

UU Superheroes [audio]

The history of both our Unitarian and Universalist faith is littered with incredibly inspirational stories of poeple who changed history for the better, many of which are very relevant to our time. What if we honored these heroes like we do the ones we put on the back of Baseball cards and pay millions of dollars? Well, at least for this Sunday, we will!