Speaker: Rev. Jo Green

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is an ending to a new beginning, one that brings sadness and excitement.  In this last service, Rev Jo will offer her heartfelt thanks and guidance for her final worship service here.  As we get closer to the date, we will know more … read more.

Harmony Within a Chaotic World

Life feels hard right now.  How do we overcome those feelings of powerlessness, fear and anxiety to reach those feelings of harmony?  How can we instill in our hearts harmony amongst the chaos of the world?  Let’s explore this Sunday how to create peace and … read more.

The Integrity of our Community

How do we view our congregation when it comes to integrity? What elements of integrity affect others in our community and are we considering others when we make decisions that might affect the community as a whole? How do spirituality and integrity connect? Join us … read more.

The Integrity of our Times

During these unpredictable and uncertain times, can we still keep our integrity in how we live our lives? What can be the consequences of certain decisions that we make? Join us this Sunday as we ponder what decisions that we make for ourselves affect the … read more.

50 Years of Earth Day

On the 50th Anniversary of the creation of Earth Day, we are in a state of uncertainty that has propelled us into isolation.  During this time, our Earth is actually healing.  Can we sustain a method of caring for the Earth and also create a … read more.

Celebrating Rebirth and Resilience

On this Easter Sunday during Shelter in Place, may we still gather virtually in community to share our own resilience. Celebrations are important, especially in times of isolation. Wear your Easter Bonnet so that we can see it online and have a piece of bread nearby as we commemorate a Transylvanian Communion with each other.
We have transitioned to virtual services. See mpuuc.org/zoom for more information.

Good Friday Vespers

During this unusual time, let us take a moment during the Christian tradition of grieving on Good Friday to offer a time where we can grieve together all that has disappeared from our lives. We will offer readings and music to tend to the feelings we’ve been having these last few months. The Zoom link will be provided at mpuuc.org/zoom. Please have a candle near you for the service.

Music Through Resilience

Members of our choir and our musical community will provide music that will celebrate resilience using rock and roll, musical theater, classical music and other genres to lift our spirits.

We have transitioned to virtual services. See mpuuc.org/zoom for more information.

Pledging as a Spiritual Practice

Pledging is an ancient tradition in spiritual circles to not only ensure the sustainability of an institution, but also for each individual, the spirituality that it engages within ourselves. When we give unconditionally, isn’t that a spiritual experience? Join us this Sunday to explore spirituality and how it interacts with our finances.

We have transitioned to virtual services because of the Coronavirus pandemic. See mpuuc.org/zoom for more information.