Speaker: Rev. Jo Green

Bridging our Young Adults into the World

Join us this Sunday as we send out the young adults in our congregation into the wider world. Please attend to show them how much we appreciate their presence and support them in their journey through adulthood. Let us endorse and strengthen their act of moving forward and join our courage with theirs to create the world we wish to see

Courage in Social Justice

As Unitarian Universalists, we take pride in our history of social justice. Our times today beseech us to stand up for justice, to show up when needed, to oppose those forces that we feel are inflicting discrimination and inequality on others. Can we look at ourselves and state that we are doing this? Do we have the courage of our convictions? Join us this Sunday to explore the dichotomy between our beliefs and our actions

Kindness in the Face of Anger

During Memorial Day weekend, we have celebrations to honor those who have defended our country in the past. But can patriotism go too far? Can we isolate ourselves too much for what we believe is patriotism? During this weekend, let us consider how we can still be kind while maintaining the respect we have for our country

Flower Communion

“Come this Sunday to celebrate in our Flower Communion Ceremony to honor Norbert Capek who created this service in the United States.  He then returned to the Czech Republic and began the first Unitarian congregation there.  Let us feel the connection to him and to each other this Sunday in honor of this martyr that he became.  This will be an intergenerational service.

Charter Sunday Celebration! [pdf]

This Sunday is very special in the life of this congregation. We will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of this congregation joining the Unitarian Universalist Association as a registered congregation! Come to hear and see past leaders and influences in the life of Mission Peak. What will our Future bring?

To Heal the Earth

“This week has been Earth Week and we have celebrated much and called ourselves to action to care for this earth that we live on and have so selfishly harmed.  How can we use our creativity to right the wrongs we have collectively perpetrated?  Join us to not only call ourselves to action, but to honor and celebrate this earth we live upon.

Easter through Unitarian Universalist Eyes

“On this celebratory day that is one of the most important in the Christian tradition, let us see as Unitarian Universalists how we can take the lessons of the Resurrection and apply them to our lives.  What rebirth do we need in our lives to become the most creative beings we can to serve  the world as best we can?  Join us this Sunday for a Unitarian
Universalist version of Easter!”

Opening to Create

“To be able to be our creative selves, we need to be open to possibility.  Can you identify those things that are blocking you, that may be keeping you from your full potential?  In the Christian tradition, today is Palm Sunday, a time for anticipation and preparation.  Let’s explore how we can prepare to be our best creative selves to be able to contribute our own gifts to the world.

The More You Give, The More You Get

In this era of admiration of wealth and owning “stuff”, how do we get past the enculturation of the idea that our worth is dependent on what we have? How do we teach our children and others to have self-worth, to not only give money, but to give of themselves. This Sunday lets explore the art of giving, how it reflects on society and what the true reward can be.

What Does Our Future Hold?

This Stewardship Sunday let us gain inspiration from our history celebrating 25 years and with our vision of what we want to become and how we see ourselves. How do we see ourselves? What is our vision? Do they match? Do we have the answers to those questions? This Sunday let’s explore our identity and our goals and what we want Mission Peak’s future to look like.