Rev. Jo Green

Christmas Eve Service – Lessons and Carols

On this holy night of the Christian faith of which our roots began, we will celebrate this evening with readings and songs lead by the minister and congregants, ending with a Unitarian Transylvanian tradition of communion. Please join us and celebrate with us, concluding with a candlelight vigil. All ages are welcome to this 5 pm service.

Healing in Our Congregation

When we’ve been hurt, we go through stages of grief and anger at the loss of the relationship we thought we had. What comes next after forgiveness and gratitude is healing. How we choose to be healed or not will determine our happiness. This Sunday let us learn to heal.

Healing with Light [video]

During Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, eight candles are lit, an extra one each day to signify that the miracle grew in greatness each day. Tomorrow is the beginning of Hanukkah. Let’s explore how we can use light to heal while also acknowledging we can heal in the dark.

Blessed Thanksgiving Service

During this month of Gratitude, we will share with each other what we are grateful for. This Sunday come to listen to members of the congregation for a generational learning of different generations and what they are grateful for. We will also be experiencing a Unitarian Transylvanian communion where we can learn more about our heritage.

Looking for the Good

The results are in from the election and some are feeling grateful and others are feeling loss. Let’s look for the good in our elected officials and see what the future holds. On this Veteran’s Day, we also will honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for others. Come this Sunday to rejoice in all that we have to be grateful.

Little Bits of Gratitude [video]

What are the little things that pass us by on a daily basis that make such grateful gifts? How can these little bits of gratitude actually make our lives so much more meaningful if we would pay attention to them and give them meaning? Come this Sunday to learn the secret everyone knows of how to be grateful!

Moving on in Ministry [video]

When a minister leaves, people will hold onto memories, both good and problematic of their ministry. We need to acknowledge them, grieve and move forward. Join the Revs. Jo Green and Barbara Meyers this Sunday as we explore the ministries of this congregation and moving forward to a new vision.

A World of Forgiveness [video]

In a world that seems to be turned upside down, where the news angers us, and we feel the need to strike out, how do we forgive those that have hurt us or we feel are hurting others? Is there a way to see their side and forgive them for what we feel is unforgivable? Let us explore right relations in the context of our world.

A Time to Forgive

We have all experienced those moments when we passed up an opportunity to forgive someone and then it became too late.  When is it the best time to forgive?  Is there a best time?  This Sunday we will explore forgiving others before we may not have the chance.

Our Covenant With One Another [audio]

As a congregation in Unitarian Universalism, we covenant on how to be with one another and how to treat one another. This Sunday we will enter into covenant with one another, members young and old and ministers alike. Share in this special opportunity to commit to what you believe your faith means to you.