Speaker: Rev. Jo Green

Honoring the Dead

This Sunday we will honor those in our lives who have passed away and yet are still in our hearts. In the tradition of Dio de los Muertos, we will learn of the Mexican tradition of honoring the dead and ask that you bring those photos of loved ones you wish to remember. Also if there is a food your loved one loved, bring that to share as that is part of the ritual. This service recognizes the cycle of life and how we are all a part of it.

Congregational Identity and You

Our theme this month involves taking a look at who we are. This congregation is doing much work to determine that identity to secure the best fit for this congregation with their future minister. How do you see yourselves? What are your strengths and challenges? We will explore some of the results of the work you did in Appreciative Inquiry last June.

Intersectionality in our system of White Supremacy

How do the intersections of race, sex, gender, ability, class and age intertwine in the systems our culture propagates? How does the intersectionality many of our fellow humans experience differ from ours? This Sunday we will explore how we can challenge these systems of oppression to allow the full expression of each individual.

Blessing of the Animals

St. Francis of Assisi in the Catholic tradition is the patron saint for ecologists, known for his love of animals and nature. His feast day is October 4 and in the Unitarian Universalist tradition, we honor his intent and dedication to the earth in God’s name. We will have an outdoor service this day and all are welcome to bring their animals, a picture of them or can name them during the service. It is a blessing to have our animal friends in our lives.

Our Inner Selves Revealed

Today is Bring-A-Friend Sunday and on this last Sunday of our monthly theme of Individual Identity, let us explore those inner selves we sometimes hide from ourselves. How can hiding something from yourself not only harm you, but harm others? Let’s explore how inner reflection can not only help us to grow, but to thrive emotionally, physically and spiritually

Time for A Global Climate Strike

The younger generation is leading the way and it’s time for the adults to follow. Greta Thunberg will address the United Nations about the climate crisis and a general strike has been called for September 20th. Learn how we as a community, as a denomination, will participate in this event to show our world leaders it is time to act.

Water Communion Service

Come join us this Sunday for our annual Water Communion Service! It is the beginning of a brand new Church Year and an opportunity to worship together with this sacred ceremony of community. Bring a vial of water to merge with other waters; if you forget, we will also have water provided. Let us celebrate and honor how much love and joy we have together as a community.

Prophets in This Time of Uncertainty

Our second source reads “words and deeds of prophetic people which challenge us to confront powers and structures of evil with justice, compassion, and the transforming power of love.” What better source to use in this time of uncertainty and need for leadership. This Sunday let us explore the words of prophetic people to aid us in living out our principles in this time of great need.

Give Me Your Tired

Are we the same America that we have always been? From the words on the Statue of Liberty, it appears we are treating immigrants differently these days. From the Action of Immediate Witness voted on in GA 2019 to what our own congregation can do to aid the huddled masses, let us explore this Sunday if we are using our 7 Principles to help those less fortunate than we are.

Bridging our Young Adults into the World

Join us this Sunday as we send out the young adults in our congregation into the wider world. Please attend to show them how much we appreciate their presence and support them in their journey through adulthood. Let us endorse and strengthen their act of moving forward and join our courage with theirs to create the world we wish to see