Rev. Jo Green

Moving on in Ministry

When a minister leaves, people will hold onto memories, both good and problematic of their ministry. We need to acknowledge them, grieve and move forward. Join the Revs. Jo Green and Barbara Meyers this Sunday as we explore the ministries of this congregation and moving forward to a new vision.

A World of Forgiveness [video]

In a world that seems to be turned upside down, where the news angers us, and we feel the need to strike out, how do we forgive those that have hurt us or we feel are hurting others? Is there a way to see their side and forgive them for what we feel is unforgivable? Let us explore right relations in the context of our world.

A Time to Forgive

We have all experienced those moments when we passed up an opportunity to forgive someone and then it became too late.  When is it the best time to forgive?  Is there a best time?  This Sunday we will explore forgiving others before we may not have the chance.

Our Covenant With One Another [audio]

As a congregation in Unitarian Universalism, we covenant on how to be with one another and how to treat one another. This Sunday we will enter into covenant with one another, members young and old and ministers alike. Share in this special opportunity to commit to what you believe your faith means to you.

The Practice of Covenant [video]

When we create a covenant with one another, what does that mean? Are we aware of the implications of covenant? What happens when we break them? Join us this Sunday as we explore covenants in our personal lives and how they impact our relationships and our lives.

Water Communion Ceremony [video]

This Sunday we will celebrate our traditional annual Water Communion ceremony with our new Interim Minister Rev. Jo Green. Remember to bring a vial of water that you have collected over the summer to represent our connection to each other from the places in our lives. Rev. Jo Green will discuss our connection to each other through covenant and how we respect and connect with each other through the Unitarian Universalist faith of shared covenant.