This Week on the Peak

This Week on the Peak – Wednesday, March 6, 2019
This Week on the Peak
Mission Peak UU – Fremont, CA
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March 6, 2019

Ministerial Musings
Yesterday I attended a workshop for faith leaders on Census Solutions for the 2020 Census. We had an interfaith group of clergy and lay leaders who discussed how we can be of service next year for the nationwide census. They have changed the counting procedure for next year and the first line of responding will be online. The concern from the facilitators that they relayed to us was how would those folks who aren’t computer savvy react to this way of responding. There will be paper mail-in responses and phone calls also to be able to complete the count, but that was really only a minor fear. The greatest fear was how to interface with those communities who were hard to count, those communities that feared the government.
That’s a good question. How as a person in this country that may not be a citizen, with all the rhetoric loudly denying your humanity, register with the government and tell them your name and where you live? How can you have trust in a government that wants to build a wall to keep you out, wants to tear you away from your parents and send both of you away to different places? I understand their fear. I don’t know that I would want to report to a government that would treat me that way, that would harm my family and myself. How many children have died at our borders? How many parents and families have died or become ill trying to escape a situation hazardous to their health in their native land in order to bring a new life to themselves and their families in this new land? What must they be feeling when they hear that they are rapists and drug dealers and criminals and that they’re not wanted here? And then someone asks them to be counted so that we can get money for them being here? How can they not be fearful?
And they are right. We do want to count them to get the federal funding we would receive for raising our numbers of people in our population. I understand both sides and I see both fears. Our county needs these funds and if they can count every person, citizen, undocumented, unsheltered, then we can use those funds to help all the citizens, undocumented and unsheltered in our population. One fear is we will lose valuable funds to help the community. One fear is they will be arrested and deported and sent away.
We have a challenge next year in this particular census. There is also litigation in the works on whether to include US Citizenship as one of the questions in these new questionnaires that may not be decided for another few months. So the county is asking for our help. How can we connect with communities that may not readily participate? How can we help? Can we translate for others? Can we do outreach to those who don’t have computers or smart phones to vote online? Can we reach those unsheltered beings so that they can be counted?
This is the work that needs to be done to complete our census next year. As Unitarian Universalists, this is our work. This is something we can participate in and offer what service we can give. I’ve included a flyer below for those who might be interested in helping and also who may want to work for the census.
This is social action. This is helping our fellows.  This is our Seven Principles in action.
Blessings to you all,

Rev Jo
Please feel free to contact me
By email:
By phone: 510-972-3890

This Sunday’s Service:

The paradox of choice                

Many of us have the good fortune to live abundantly. We do not want for food, clothing, or shelter. But with abundance comes responsibility towards those who are not as fortunate as ourselves. With abundance comes something else too, something perhaps strange: the paradox of choice. Our own Tiffany Longfield will explore this paradox and encourage us to examine our decision making when we are faced with an abundance of choices.       
Leading the service will be Tiffany Longfield and assisting will be Worship Associate Sharon Davis.  Jay Steele will provide our music.    
“What Will Our Legacy Be? Celebrating silver and going for gold.”

Canvass is coming!!  Hopefully you’ve heard a little something about it by now, whether you’ve read the Brochure, seen information about the Fellowship Dinner on March 16 at 6pm, or listened to a pulpitorial about Canvass.
This is the time of year when we talk about money; here is some specific information about Mission Peak’s budget: 95% of our 2018-2019 budget is fixed, meaning that 95% of our expenditures are required to keep Mission Peak functioning at the level we are used to, whether it is staff salaries, affiliation dues or rent.  These costs continue to increase as the cost of living goes up, for example, our rent for Cole Hall is $42,000 per year, or $3,500 per month, and we get a proposed rent increase almost every year. 82% of our 2018-2019 income came from pledges and an additional 7% came from the Black and White Gala.  We also had a 6% budget deficit.  When you add all that together, factoring in a balanced budget, you can see that Mission Peak’s funding comes from all of us!!  Our pledges matter!
This year we have a few incentives to get you thinking about increasing your pledge.  Two Mission Peak households have given a total of $6,000 in matching donations for pledge increases.  This means that your pledge increase will be matched up to a total of $6,000.  For example, if you pledged $2,000 last year and this year you pledge $2,400, you increased your pledge by $400.  Mission Peak will get an additional $400 from the matching donation for a total increase of $800!
We also have Mission Peak-themed goodies for everyone who increases their pledge by 10% or more!  We can’t tell you what these “Thank You” gifts are yet, but you’ll know before you make your pledge.
Lastly, we need you to do something in support of Mission Peak right now – please RSVP to the Fellowship Dinner!  You received an email this week with a form to submit your RSVP, please fill that out as soon as possible so that we can get a count for the dinner.  If you have questions about the dinner or dietary concerns, please contact Jen King.
Thank you for giving to Mission Peak!
March Share the Plate

March SHARE the PLATE will take place on Sunday, March 17. Our Recipient this month will be LIFE Eldercare, which will be introduced by our own Patricia Osage. Look for more information in next week’s Week on the Peak.
A Visual History of Mission Peak – We NEED Your Photos!

As part of our celebration of Mission Peak’s 25th Anniversary we would like to collect as many photos as we can from the last 25 years.  We are especially looking for photos of the early years. If you have digital photos, please send them to Beckett Gladney at or
give them to her on a thumb drive.  We understand that photos from the early years will not be in digital form, but if you could get any printed photos you might have to Beckett or Jen King they will digitize them and get them back to you.  PLEASE put your name on the back of any printed photos that you give us (also the year the photo was taken if you know it). We would like to have most of the photos collected by March 10th if possible, but we will take them after that as well.
Celebrating Mission Peak’s 25th Anniversary – Save These Dates!!

2019 marks 25 years of MPUUC’s existence as a congregation and we think that’s a milestone worth celebrating.  We will have many different celebrations throughout the year.  Please reserve the following dates on your calendar now.  You won’t want to miss them!

March 16 – Canvas Kick-Off Dinner
– Mission San Jose Dominican Sisters – Auditorium – Kick-off dinner will begin at 6 p.m.  An email invitation with RSVP information will be coming out shortly.  Eric and Angelina Neissner will provide special entertainment.

May 5 – Charter Sunday
– Come celebrate the Charter that started it all with a special service and a Potluck BBQ afterwards.

June 28-30 – MPUUC’s annual Campout!
  This year we’ll be back at Puma Point at Anthony Chabot Regional Park so that we are close enough for those of you who are not so excited about camping to join us during the day on Saturday, June 29.  We will have many fun activities planned and will end the day with a potluck BBQ and campfire.

September 8 – 25th Anniversary Picnic Celebration
– After the annual Water Ceremony at Cole Hall we will gather at one of the reserved picnic areas at Lake Elizabeth for a Picnic/BBQ celebration.  We will have games for the kids, a jam session & sing-a-long, and other fun activities.  Come join us and enjoy hanging out with friends & family and celebrating MPUUC.

[More details regarding these events will follow closer to the dates.  If you have questions or suggestions for additional events or you want to help with an event, please contact Jen King].
March Board Meeting

The next Mission Peak U U  Board meeting will be Thursday, March 14, at 7:00 PM.  For further information you may contact President Paul K Davis at 

Coffee Chat with Rev. Jo

In March, Rev Jo will meet for coffee to chat about abundance!  Do we think we have it and if not, why not?  Let’s meet at the other Suju’s Coffee, 4949 Stevenson Blvd. in Fremont on Thursday March 7th at 7 pm.  Last meeting we had 8 people join us in what, a by-stander mentioned to me afterwards, as a “lively discussion!”  And it was so enjoyable and enlightening and was so lively we ended up using a talking stick (a fork!) so that everyone could say their piece.  So please join us in a lively UU discussion on March 7th for this month’s coffee chat!

Adult Education Spring Offerings

On March 10, 17, and 24 come see us at the Adult Ed table after the service and sign up for one or more of our spring offerings. We will have our popular recurring sessions and two exciting new courses: The Preacher In You, led by Rev. Jo Green, and Communicating With “Difficult” People- Some Strategies, led by Mark Rahman.

Fresh Audio and Video Recordings

There is Room for Abundance – Rev. Jo Green

Who cares for the activist? – Rev. Jo Green

Who is the Prisoner? – Rev. Jo Green

Where are Our Heroes? – Rev. Jo Green

Community Ministry Today – Service – Rev. Barbara Meyers

The “G” Word – Eric Dittmar

A Winter Solstice Story – CaYRE Committee and Children of MPUUC

Healing in Our Congregation – Rev. Jo Green

Healing with Light – Rev. Jo Green

Notes from your Children and Youth Religious Education (CaYRE) team

The CaYRE committee is taking a short survey to help us plan for our future.  Your input is appreciated as we collectively strive to make our RE programs for children and youth enriching and rewarding. Your responses will be anonymous unless you choose to provide your email address at the end of the survey. Please fill out the survey at link below:

We are in need of Teachers and Assistants in March.  The K-5th class will be continuing on their Passport to Spirituality.  Our 6-8th graders will continue to explore our neighboring faiths.

You can sign up using our new online sign up form by clicking on the link here

You can also sign up using our sign up poster at the back of Cole Hall this Sunday.

If you have any questions please email
Fellowship Dinner Donations

We want the Fellowship diner to be a fun and festive occasion, but we’re also doing our best to be cost effective.  To that end we are asking for donations of wine and beer to be served at the dinner.  Please contact Jen King if you are willing to make a donation. Monetary or In-Kind donations will be accepted.
A note to all Members

Because we value and need your input for the creation of a Settled Ministerial Search Team we sent an email asking for your input for the search team on 2/13. This is a reminder to send your nominations in if you have not already. Questions contact Steve Wallcave.

Movie night with FUMC – March 8 @ 7:15 p.m. in Sanctuary

Please see attached flyer from FUMC.  Everyone is welcome to come see The Ataxian.  There is no cost with a reception to follow movie.
Second Saturday Documentaries at Niles Discovery Church

March Documentary:  Come see “The Bail Trap” on Saturday, March 9, 1:30 p.m., at Niles
Discovery Church, 36600 Niles Blvd., Fremont. The free screening will be followed by a discussion. Money bail is one of the main feeders of America’s mass incarceration system – and yet something most Americans know very little about. This movie is an opportunity to change that. Learn more at
Turning Love Into Justice:
The Tri-City Interfaith Council ( is a grass-roots organization bringing together people of diverse religious beliefs from Fremont, Newark, and Union City (California). Rev. Jo Green, Rev. Barbara Meyers and Paul K. Davis are members.  Join in!

Call your Elected Officials!  
Calls can make a difference! Contact your representatives to alert them to your views!

Congressperson Eric Swalwell 510-247-1388 or go to 
Ro Khanna  (202) 225-2631 
Senator Kamala Harris   (202) 224 – 3553
Senator Diane Feinstein (202) 224-3841
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