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A Winter Solstice Service

Mission Peak Children and Youth

Join us in celebrating the holiday season. We will be telling an old story that has to do with the longest darkest night of the year– the winter solstice– and waiting for the sun’s return. Generations ago, people had faith that daylight warmth would come back to the earth. Today, we know it will. We know all about the orbit and tilt of our planet that causes the seasons. Yet Winter Solstice continues to be a time of wonder and to appreciate the forces of nature and the world around us.


Recent News

Sexuality Education for 7th-9th Grade Youth

Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education for 7th-9th Grade Youth is starting soon. OWL equips youth with accurate, age-appropriate information in six subject areas:
  • human development
  • relationships
  • personal skills
  • sexual behavior
  • sexual health
  • society and culture
  • For more info see the following: MPUUC 2017 OWL Brochure

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