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Welcome! If you are looking for a liberal church or fellowship southeast of San Francisco, we are Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation, in Fremont, California

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 September 2, 2015
Mission Peak UU's Adult Education fall program is now underway! My Enneagram class started last night, and 4 more classes are ready to start. Signups are now taking place after our Sunday services. If you are new to Mission Peak UU, welcome! I am Linda Messia, chair for the Adult Education Committee. Other members are Jackie and John Porter, Pat and Steve Saso, Len Tiemann and Eric Dittmar.

This fall, we want to welcome a new teacher to Mission Peak UU - Taunya Gren - friend of Beckett Gladney and Paul Kwinn. Taunya will be teaching 2 classes this fall. I am especially looking forward to her Emergency Preparedness workshop. After that last earthquake, I realized how complacent I have become about earthquake readiness. I hope that many of you will sign up for this informative workshop so that we can all be ready for the big one! So please, stop by our table, look at our brochure, and consider taking a class (or maybe teaching one.) Thanks, and have a wonderful fall.

Linda Messia
This Sunday's Service - September 6, 2015

Working with our barriers     
The Enneagram provides an understanding of ourselves. Each type has a growth path very unique to the type. The Enneagram can bring clarity and the confidence to act in ways best suited for each of us. But the path to self discovery is not easy and we find we have barriers that we have to understand before we continue on the path to growth. One method founded by David Daniels and Helen Palmer is called the Narrative Tradition, this method allows people to tell their stories of self discovery. This Sunday come spend an hour listening to stories of self discovery.
Leading the service will be Michealle Havenhill and Worship Associate Ilze Duarte.  Music will be provided by Jay Steele.    
Training Offered
Worship Associate Training
Wednesday, September 30, 7-9 PM 
Have you ever considered being a part of the Worship Team at Mission Peak UU?  If this is something that you would like to explore, with no commitment necessary, then this training is for you!

Come join Rev. Jeremy for two hours as he walks you through the ins and outs of our worship program.  You will practice writing and speaking the different parts of the service as well as get a behind the scenes tour of how it all comes together.

Please send any questions or rsvp if you plan on attending to Rev. Jeremy at  minister@mpuuc.org

Thank you!
Board Meeting
Mission Peak UU September Monthly Board Meeting 
The Mission Peak UU Board will meet Thursday evening, September 3 at Brooke Bruguier's home at 7:00 p.m.

Members of Mission Peak UU are welcome to attend.  For a copy of the agenda, please contact President DeAnna Alm at president@mpuuc.org

(Please note date change from September 10 to September 3)
Book Signing
Book Signing - September 20 

After the service on September 20, our Minister Emeritus, Dr. Chris Schriner, will sign copies of his books, including Your Living Mind: The Mystery of Consciousness and Why It Matters to You; Bridging the God Gap: Finding Common Ground Among Believers, Atheists and Agnostics; Do Think Twice: Provocative Reflections on Age-Old Questions; and Feel Better Now: 30 Ways to Handle Frustration in 3 Minutes or Less. 20% of the proceeds will be donated to MPUUC.
Adult Education
Fall Classes

1. Emergency Preparedness Workshop   Taunya Gren
Saturday  Sept 12     10 am -12 noon
Ockerman 3/4
2. Kitchen Medicine     Taunya Gren
Saturday Nov 7     10 am -12 noon  
Ockerman 3/4
3. Book Study : Waking Up White   Allysson McDonald
Thursdays Sept 17, 24; Oct 1,8,15,22,29; Nov 5,12
7:30 - 9:30 pm
Ockerman 7/8
4. Bridging the God Gap     Dr. Chris Schriner
Mondays   Nov 9 & 16       7:00 - 9:30 pm 
Ockerman 3/4
5. Working with the Enneagram   Linda Messia
5 Tuesdays   Sept 1, 8, 15, 22, 29     7:00 - 9:00 pm
Ockerman 3/4
Sunday Services Volunteers
Sunday Services Committee

We are in need of several volunteers on the 4th Sunday of the month for the position listed below.

Please contact  Yvonne Hughes, Sunday Services Team Coordinator @yvonnehughes47@comcast.net if you can help.


1. Someone to bring goodies
2. Someone to help with Set-up (Work with partner)
3. Someone to take down

Community Office Hours
Rev. Nickel's upcoming dates

I am always interested in suggestions for new places, times and ways that this could work better for you, so if you have an idea, please drop me a line, it is as easy as clicking right here.  And of course I am also always available by personal appointment all days except Monday.

Wednesday, September 9 
1 PM - 3 PM 
Mission Coffee 
151 Washington Blvd 
Thursday, September 24 
11 AM - 1 PM 
7324 Thornton Ave
Wednesday, October 7
4 PM - 6 PM 
Mission Coffee 
151 Washington Blvd 
Thursday, October 22 
11 AM - 1 PM 
4949 Stevenson Blvd
Mission Peak UU
Calendar of Upcoming Events

August 30
Sept. 1
Working with
the Enneagram
 7-9 pm
Board Meeting 7 pm
Men's Breakfast 8-9 am Cole Hall
Working with
the Enneagram
 7-9 pm
Jeremy's Coffee Hours 1-3 pm

Working with
the Enneagram
 7-9 pm
Book Study (Waking Up White) 7:30-9:30
Committee on Ministry Retreat 10-2 pm

Who We Are

Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fremont was founded in 1993. We are a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts.


Mission Peak members determine its policies, choose its minister, and support it financially.


We affirm and promote these UUA Principles and Purposes:

  • The inherent worth and dignity of every person
  • Justice, equity and compassion in human relations
  • Acceptance of one another and encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations
  • A free and responsible search for truth and meaning
  • The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in our society at large
  • The goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all
  • Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part

We invite you to join us and add your commitment to ours. Mission Peak is a living and changing congregation, responsive to the spiritual needs of its members. With the leadership of our minister, we search for ways to fulfill ourselves as individuals and as a community. Joining us is a commitment to this process. 


Our mailing address is:

P.O. Box 545 Fremont, CA 94537-0545

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