” Sankofa: Go Back and Get It”

Fifty years after the Civil Rights Movement, what lessons can we learn for today? Alex Haider-Winnett is a life-long UU originally from Southern California. He holds a BA in Peace Studies from Earlham College and is pursuing ordained UU ministry at Pacific School of Religion. He lives in Berkeley with his wife Christine, their two … Continued

Four Steps to Becoming a Better Listener

Reginald Zottoli wrote “The significance of the flower communion is that as no two flowers are alike, so no two people are alike, yet each has a contribution to make. Together the different flowers form a beautiful bouquet. Our common bouquet would not be the same without the unique addition of each individual flower, and … Continued

Emotional CPR

Come and hear about the next chapter in Rev. Barbara Meyers mental health ministry.  Emotional CPR or eCPR is a hope-based approach to building strong, resilient, cooperative communities.  It trains people to provide support to others who may be experiencing an emotional crisis.

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