A Time for Everything

Light switch on. Light switch off. Not much about human relationship is that simple. And even turning the lights on and off, that isn’t so simple if you look at the whole system inside that switchbox, down the line in the building, out into the street and to the source. How do we know about relationship?

Keepers of the Flame: Whose Shall We Be?

Welcome! In this Water Communion service we welcome the start of the church year sharing just a drop of water–actual or virtual–from our homes or summer travels. This sacred ritual makes visible in yet another way the connection members feel as part of Mission Peak. Our new Interim Minister, Rev. Benson, will lead us in looking ahead. What is this interim ministry all about and what can we expect from one another? Join us!

Fake News

WL: Paul K. Davis
WA: Megan McMillen
Music: Jay Steele

The world’s military super-powers are engaged in a long-lasting war for control of Syria. Each side believes it is on the verge of victory. They have chiefly warred via proxies – supplying funding, military advisors, and weapons to local groups. But they have increasingly needed to send in their own better trained, better organized, and better armed forces.

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