1. How do you think the following present special challenges for providing mental health services in the Asian American Community?: Many cultures and countries of origin, Language barriers, Age, Generation problems, Racism, Trauma of war
  2. A study last year financed by the National Institute of Mental Health concluded that Asians are less likely than other ethnic groups to seek mental health services. Why do you think this is so? How can this problem be addressed?
  3. Give some examples of what you think are culturally appropriate and inappropriate mental health care in the Asian community.
  4. What would you do if you thought an Asian friend or family member had a mental health problem? What could you recommend to them?
  5. In the show, Suan mentioned that the stigma against mental illness is so strong in the Asian community, that he frequently avoids using the term “mental health” with clients. How would you best get around the stigma?
  6. How can you become involved in helping to solve the problem of mental health in the Asian community?