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Updated August 2022

General Mental Health Information
Internet Mental Health A free encyclopedia of mental health information created by a Canadian psychiatrist, Dr. Phillip Long.
Mental Health Learning Center Information and treatments for many mental health disorders from Healthline. Getting the most from online therapy.
Medical Information On line information on drugs.
Health Library, Stanford Stanford’s on line health library.
Worst Pills Drug information from Public Citizen’s Health Research Group.
Drug Watch Information about commonly prescribed medications and their side effects and interactions.
Addiction Library A resource about addiction, alcohol and other substances that are commonly abused.
Withdrawal Symptoms Information about the signs and symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol, heroin, cocaine and benzodiazepines.
Self-Help Groups and Therapies  
Al-Anon / Alateen For families and teen-age children of alcoholics.
Alcoholics Anonymous For alcohol addicts.
Clutterers Anonymous For compulsive clutterers.
Cocaine Anonymous For cocaine addicts.
Emotions Anonymous For people with emotional problems.
Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous For people with food addiction problems.
Mental Health Recovery Website of Mary Ellen Copeland, developer of Wellness Recovery Action Program (WRAP).
Narcotics Anonymous For narcotics addicts.
Overeaters Anonymous For overeaters.
Recovery International Recovery from mental health problems founded by the neuropsychiatrist Abraham A. Low, M.D.
Groups with Integrated Services  
International Center for Clubhouse Development An organization that facilitates creating Clubhouses for people living with mental illness to be respected members of society.
Contra Costa Clubhouses, Inc. Clubhouse in Contra Costa County which follows the model of the International Center for Clubhouse Development.
Websites for Specific Disorders and Causes Professionals specializing in addition treatment and recovery. Treatment locator for programs for addiction, drug abuse, and mental health.
Alzheimer’s Association The first and largest organization dedicated to finding prevention methods, treatments and an eventual cure for Alzheimer’s.
National Association for Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Eating Disorders, Inc. (ANAD) The oldest eating disorder organization in the nation. Has support groups and hotlines, education and public advocacy.
National Eating Disorders Association. (NEDA) education, resources and support to those affected by eating disorders.
Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) Promotes the prevention, treatment and cure of anxiety disorders and to improve the lives of all people who suffer from them.
Calm Clinic Helpful collection of resources for people with anxiety problems, collected by people with experience of serious anxiety.
Autism Society of America Promotes opportunity for all autistic individuals to be fully participating members of their community through education, advocacy at state and federal levels, active public awareness and the promotion of research.
Autistic Self-Advocacy Network Seeks to organize the community of Autistic adults and youth to have their voices heard, and seeks to advance the idea that the goal of autism advocacy should not be a world without Autistic people. Instead, it should be a world in which Autistic people enjoy the same access, rights and opportunities as all other citizens.
Back from the Brink Australian Graeme Cowan’s website with first hand knowledge for overcoming depression.
Bipolar Advantage Tom Wootton’s website to help people with mental conditions shift their thinking and behavior to change the paradigm of mental conditions from an illness to an advantage.
Bipolar Disorder Magazine On-line website for bp Magazine, a magazine to create community among and empower people living with bipolar disorder.
Borderline Personality Disorder Resources Geared for friends/family/loved ones of those with Borderline Personality Disorder.
National Attention Deficit Disorder Association Information about ADD and referrals.
Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders Non-profit serving individuals with AD/HD through leadership, advocacy, research, education and support.
College Student Resources Critical Mental Health Resources for College Students. An excellent comprehensive guide to mental health issues, treatments, and resources for college age students.
Guide to College Student Mental Health A comprehensive guide to help college students identify common mental health disorders, their warning signs, when to seek treatment and how to manage them.
Depressive and Bipolar Support Alliance Organization with many self-help group chapters to improve the lives of people with mood disorders.
Compulsive Hoarding Information and resources for people who are hoarders and their families, including research on hoarding, a screening test for hoarding/compulsive buying, and self-help and support group articles.
The Hording of Animals Research Coalition A collection of resources to help better understand the phenomenon of animal hoarding.
Learning Disabilities Association of America Education, advocacy, encourage research into learning disorders.
Lucid Interval A Self-Management Guide for Bipolar Disorder written by a patient who has “survived numerous manic episodes and consequent hospitalizations.” Best bipolar website of 2006.
National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression Raises funds and gives grants for psychiatric brain disorder research, in an effort to find the causes, better treatments, and eventual cures for these disorders.
Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation Information and resources, for people with obsessive compulsive disorder, their families, friends, professionals and other concerned individuals.
Postpartum Support International to increase awareness among public and professional communities about the emotional changes that women experience during pregnancy and postpartum.
Postpartum Depression Support Information about postpartum depression and stories of women who have had it.
Postpartum Education for Parents PEP offers programs to help parents and families thrive with their new children.
I am Listening by Jane Honikman Immediate comfort, guidance, and encouragement for people suffering from postpartum depression.
American Association of Suicidology Dedicated to the understanding and prevention of suicide. Links to suicide support groups nation-wide.
International Association for Suicide Prevention Dedicated to preventing suicidal behavior, to alleviate its effects, and to provide a forum for academicians, mental health professionals, crisis workers, volunteers and suicide survivors. Mission is to prevent suicides, support suicide survivors, and educate the public about suicide.
Suicide Resources Comprehensive list of on-line resources for suicide prevention.
Suicide A Major, Preventable Mental Health Problem Suicide prevention information from the National Institute of Mental Health.
TARA Treatment and Research Advancements Association for Personality Disorders, including Borderline Personality Disorder. Supports research, education, and advocacy for personality disorders.
Top 100 Counseling Resources A collection of the best sites on counseling from around the web.
Advocacy Organizations and Public Education Programs  
Emotional CPR (eCPR) An public educational program designed to teach people to assist others through an emotional crisis by three simple steps: C = Connecting, P = emPowering, and R = Revitalizing.
Mental Health America A nonprofit with mental health advocacy, education, and public awareness programs.
Mental Health First Aid An 8-hour course that teaches the general public how to identify, understand and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders.
Mental Help Net Promotes mental health and wellness education and advocacy.
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) NAMI is a self-help, support and advocacy organization of consumers, families, and friends of people with severe mental illnesses. Local affiliates and state organizations identify and work on issues most important to their community.
NAMI Alameda County Alameda County, California chapter of NAMI provides group support, education, and advocacy for people with mental illness and their families.
NAMI Alameda County South Alameda County, California chapter of NAMI provides group support, education, and advocacy for people with mental illness and their families.
NAMI East Bay Alameda County, California chapter of NAMI provides group support, education, and advocacy for people with mental illness and their families.
NAMI Santa Clara County Santa Clara County, California chapter of NAMI offers experience, support, comfort, and education for people with mental illness and their families.
NAMI Family-to-Family Education Program A 12-week course for family caregivers of individuals with severe brain disorders.
NAMI Peer-to-Peer Education Program A program for people with any serious mental illness who are interested in establishing and maintaining their wellness and recovery.
National Mental Health Association NMHA works to improve the mental health of people with mental disorders, through advocacy, education, research and service.
National Empowerment Center Website has practical information that will help you recover if you have been labeled with a mental illness.
National Mental Health Consumers’ Self Help Clearing House The nation’s first national consumer technical assistance center has played a major role in the development of the consumer movement, which strives for dignity, respect, and opportunity for those with mental illnesses.
World Network of Users & Survivors of Psychiatry An organization of users and survivors of psychiatry which advocates for human rights, promotes the user/survivor movement around the globe, and links user/survivor organizations and individuals throughout the world.
Religious Resources  
FaithNet NAMI Facilitates the development within the faith community of a supportive environment for those with mental illness and their families; educates clergy; encourages faith community advocacy to bring about hope and help for all affected by mental illness.
Grant Mullen Website of Dr. Grant Mullen a Canadian MD who specializes in the Mental-Spiritual connection.
International Network on Personal Meaning INPM is dedicated to advancing health, spirituality, peace and human fulfillment through research, education and applied psychology with a focus on the universal human quest for meaning and purpose.
Mental Health Ministries Interfaith outreach to enable faith communities to provide compassionate care to those affected by mental illness.
Pathways to Promise Clergy Information: Interfaith technical assistance and resource center which offers liturgical and educational materials, program models, and networking information to promote a caring ministry with people with mental illness and their families.
Faith-Hope-Life Excellent collection of interfaith resources for faith communities for suicide prevention. An initiative of the Faith Communities Task Force of the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention.

Rapha Rapha provides a Christ-centered inpatient treatment program for Christians suffering from emotional problems or substance abuse.
Denominational Mental Health Websites: Many religious denominations have information on line describing what they do in support of mental health issues.

Government Websites  
California Department of Mental Health Learn about California mental health programs and facilities.
Medicare Outpatient Information about Medicare and Outpatient Mental Health care.
Medicare Inpatient Information about Medicare and Inpatient Mental Health care. Getting Immediate Help Co-Occurring Disorders: Drug addiction and other mental disorders Recovery and Recovery Support
Local Organizations Local Organizations with Mental Health Expertise.
National Institute on Aging: Alzheimer’s Education & Referral Compiles, archives, and disseminates information concerning Alzheimer’s disease for health professionals, people with AD and their families, and the public. In the Department of Health and Human Services.
National Mental Health Information Center Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) in US Department of Health and Human Services.
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism US government leadership in the effort to reduce alcohol-related problems.
National Institute on Drug Abuse Mission is to lead the nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.
National Institute of Mental Health The lead US governmental agency for research on mental and behavioral disorders. Free publications (brochures/booklets/flyers/posters) are available at:
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – Mental Health VA’s goal is to provide excellence in patient care and benefits for veterans of the US armed services. This site has VA Mental Health Consumer Council Newsletters.
Professional Organizations  
American Psychiatric Association A medical specialty society for psychiatrists. Members work together to ensure humane care and effective treatment for all persons with mental disorders.
Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law A national legal advocate for people with mental disabilities.
Counseling Psychology A resource giving the top-ranked schools for learning about becoming a psychologist who counsels people.

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