Speaker: Paul K. Davis


Though we Unitarian Universalists do not have any required or standard theology, we have our individual understandings of the divine. My understanding of divine began to develop in my youth, and has continued to grow and shift throughout my life. From studying many belief systems … read more.

Why Democracy?

Unitarian Universalist principles include “the use of the democratic process within our congregations and society at large,” but the need for democracy is much deeper. Not only is it a mechanism for realizing other U-U principles, it is also basic to the survival of humanity. … read more.

Einstein’s Dilemma

In 1939 Albert Einstein signed a letter to President Roosevelt explaining the possibility of a nuclear bomb. In 1945, after two of them were used to obliterate Japanese cities, he regretted the letter and began campaigning for international restrictions on nuclear weaponry. Unfortunately, though many … read more.


Democracy is sacred to Unitarian Universalists. This is concretely expressed as one of our values: “The right of the conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and society at large”. But democracy is not a simple word, it is a complex … read more.

Beginning a Pandemic

This past year we experienced a great pandemic, perhaps the twentieth or so in recorded history, and it continues. Like previous disease pandemics, it was accompanied by a pandemic of illogic, untruth and selfishness. Let us work, during this new year and new presidential administration, … read more.

Civilization is a Forest

My education would lead one to believe modern civilization developed in Europe, after the Middle Ages, and then spread to most of the rest of the world. I have learned that this is a big distortion. I now conclude that civilization has been progressively developing … read more.

Ripples Through Time

In 1847 a young Quaker woman became the first internationally acclaimed American astronomer.  Maria Mitchell was the product of ripples through time which I will trace, beginning with her immigrant ancestors.  One of them, Peter Folger, even learned Native American languages to properly negotiate and … read more.

Integrity in a New Normal

There are times when we long to return to normal. If we are smart, we realize it will not be the old normal but a new normal. So, what will change and what will be the same? We cannot always know what will change, but … read more.