Paul K. Davis

Circle of Values [pdf]

Our Unitarian Universalist values are not seven unrelated maxims; they fit together to make a whole; they relate to each other. Paul will show how he arranges them in a circle, to see how they connect, and remember that each is important.

Fake News

WL: Paul K. Davis
WA: Megan McMillen
Music: Jay Steele

The world’s military super-powers are engaged in a long-lasting war for control of Syria. Each side believes it is on the verge of victory. They have chiefly warred via proxies – supplying funding, military advisors, and weapons to local groups. But they have increasingly needed to send in their own better trained, better organized, and better armed forces.

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Honoring and Learning from Medieval Feminism

We often think of the women’s rights movement as beginning in the 19th century with the struggle for voting rights. In fact, the struggle for equal gender rights is millennia old. I would like to acquaint you with some of the notable women and men who contributed to progress in the European Middle Ages, and the various ways they engaged in the struggle. We should honor them and learn from them.