Speaker: Rev. Barbara F. Meyers

Disability Justice

The UUA has recently made a commitment to make disability one of the social justice issues it will focus on. We will look at this topic, the history of disability in our denomination and where we are called to take it as the future unfolds. … read more.

Beyond Mindfulness – A Sidewalk Talk Update

When was the last time someone really listened to you? What did it mean to you? What did it mean for the listener? We will give an update on Sidewalk Talk in Fremont now that we’ve been doing it for over a year, with stories and lessons learned, along with a review of sacred listening. And we’ll discuss some new findings about how listening helps give stress reduction beyond what is experienced with mindfulness.

Sacred Listening [audio]

“There is something sacred about listening to another human being, really listening, with no agenda other than being with them.  Rev. Barbara Meyers will share this practice and insights she has had while listening to people on the streets of San Francisco since last October, a practice that she plans to soon introduce to Fremont.”