Speaker: Rev. Benson

(mostly) Music Sunday!

Join us for our first annual Mostly Music Sunday, in celebration of Mother’s Day and the healing power of hope. Instrumental music, song and poetry come to nourish you!

Dunbar’s Number: How Many Friends? Really?

How many stable social relationships can you maintain? Does the answer to this impact your sense of how big or small you want this congregation to be? What matters about this interesting idea about our human limitations.

The Seeds We Sow

(Flower Communion Sunday) What do we grow with the seeds of kindness? Of greed? Of generosity? Of hate?

Our Commitment to Our Faith

We’re moving forward, making the religious experience relevant and nourishing in the 21st century. What’s next on the horizon? What will you bring to the table we share at Mission Peak?

Letting in the Joy!

In our full humanity we let in the joy, not just the angst and trials! Join us for a celebration of our congregation and the beauty we bring together as a community!

The Heart to Forgive

It’s hard to forgive. Anger, resentment, disappointment fuel the anger, the unwilling heart. Should we care to forgive, to learn how? Join us for a service of questions and maybe some answers too.

Living Through Our Broken Places

In the light of the #metoo movement, what do we all have to learn about wounds, healing, resilience and taking back our power? How do we let in the joy and optimism we have every reason to experience, even through the hardest wounds to heal?

What Difference Makes

In a polarized society with polarizing leadership, our differences are played against us by unethical leaders. We resist the trumpet (!) sound calling us to be suspicious and hateful of people different from ourselves. Instead, we choose respect, compassion and love, as our Unitarian Universalist principles call us to do. Join us for a service of affirmation and an embrace of multiculturalism. We will look toward the work ahead for us to deepen our anti-racist/anti-oppression commitments.

Becoming Ourselves

How do we love ourselves and bring out the best in one another? If you won’t be you, who will be?