Speaker: Rev. Jim Mckinley

Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye

Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye
This is the last service MPUUC will share with Rev. Jim McKinley. It will also be the service where we welcome Rev. Greg Ward back from sabbatical. There is a poignancy in transition. It requires us to reflect and reconcile newly discovered … read more.

Three Suggestions for the New Year

Wisdom to remember from a clay tablet a potter gifted Rev. Jim on which she’d inscribed three koans of life advice he’d been given and returned with from his month long journey to Panama. A tablet handed down with three guides for right relationship with … read more.

Christmas Eve “Carols and Candles”

In the pause of Christmas Eve, we bring light, and our light, to the light of the world. We recall holiday moments that heightened time and gifted notice and memory. We “create” Christmas spirit anew with stories, songs and candles. Join us and linger a … read more.

The Gift(s) We Are

While searching for gifts to give, take a moment to look no further than yourself. Take a holiday from the constant outside messaging of what you don’t have and the internal critique of who you are not. Pause and unwrap the gifts you are as … read more.

You Gotta Own It

My daughter shared that insight in the middle of our raft trip of 24 days through the Grand Canyon in December, 2019. It was cold. I was suffering and the Canyon is the ultimate “no way out only through” experience. “Ya gotta own it, Dad,” where … read more.


We often feel like our lives are being taken over by outside events and influences. The Sunday before Thanksgiving marks the onset of the likelyhood of added holiday season stress and alienation. With gratitude, appreciation and mindful reflection we can reoccupy ourselves and share in … read more.

Hope That Works

The accent is on “works”. The title is not a wish, but a statement. We’ll share an understanding of hope for right now, hope-in; hope that makes a real difference and brings true joy into every day whether in the face of climate change, illness, … read more.