Topic: Grief

A Place within the Liminality of the World

Poet, philosopher, priest and scholar, John O’Donohue lived in County Clare, Ireland – a place he said had magical abilities. David Whyte is from Wales. They both understand and revere the truths of such lands and its peoples. They both help us open an entirely … read more.

Animal Blessing

The bonds forged between human beings and our animal companions can often be the most compelling and powerful of all emotions and loyalties. Acts of cultivating these connections are among the greatest lessons available in our lifetimes. They require an open-heartedness, a selflessness, a shared … read more.

Grief For Beginners

None of us know how to do it until we have to. We often go for years, giving what seems like good advice to everyone else who comes upon the unthinkable. But, suddenly, when we find ourselves – moments after a screaming match with mortality … read more.

Why an 8th Principle

The 8th principle was developed and written by Paula Cole Jones and Bruce Pollack-Johnson, and they were to first to encourage the Unitarian Universalist Association to adopt it.
A joint service with First Unitarian Church of Oakland,
The UU Congregation in Santa Rosa,
UU Fellowship of Sunnyvale,
Mission Peak … read more.

Dragged Kicking and Screaming

On the 250th anniversary of John Murray washing up on the shore close to New Jersey. Thomas Potter believe that a prophet would arrive. He built a church and waited. What arrived was a weary man who wound up bringing the blessing and burden of … read more.