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Dragons, Spiders, Webs and Churches

As human beings, we are familiar with things that frighten us. Our original physiological architecture includes a hard-wired system to pay attention to things that threaten our existence or safety. Upgrades to our human operating system have given us overrides to those rudimentary networks, but … read more.

(Intergenerational) Animal Blessing

Animals are beautiful. We admire and appreciate them for many things. But one of the biggest things is how they are true to their nature. But they live in different worlds. Pets are a tiny, special segment of the animal kingdom who live in our … read more.

Civilization is a Forest

My education would lead one to believe modern civilization developed in Europe, after the Middle Ages, and then spread to most of the rest of the world. I have learned that this is a big distortion. I now conclude that civilization has been progressively developing … read more.