Topic: Reflection

How We Can All Help Keep it 100

Rev. Dr. Xolani Kacela is committed to honoring truth. One of the truths he knows, deeply, is what it means to serve. He has served in the U.S. military as a chaplain, served on the Ministerial Fellowship Committee with Rev. Greg, our UUA Nominating Committee … read more.

Water Communion

This morning we will reflect on the role of water in our lives. We will explore how it is that the indispensable source and biproduct of life-giving processes is in such a precarious shortage. We will look at how water wields power and influence, as … read more.


There are a lot of questions facing the world – and Unitarian Universalism. How well do we remember and understand the past sometimes determines how well we will do in facing the future. (And showing some humility by phrasing our responses in the form of … read more.

Learning How to Sing the Blues

The ‘blues’ is a style of music born from oppression that couldn’t help but sing. It has a quintessential American history – the painful and forgotten side of our rugged individualism. In this service, we will explore some of what gave birth to this music … read more.

What They Dreamed Be Ours to Do

2000 years separate their lives, but they both sacrificed much in their own life to dream about what might be possible for others to know a bigger life than what they had ever been able to imagine. What is the secret to breaking through and … read more.