Two TV show videos about suicide.

In both videos, the people interviewed talk about their pain and how they got through it, giving a message of hope.

Discussion questions about suicide

Resources for suicide

Note:The views expressed on this program are those of the speakers and not necessarily those of Alameda County Behavioral Healthcare or Comcast.

Two people are interviewed, one who made an unsuccessful suicide attempt and another whose husband died by suicide. Taped Sept 19,2007.

Two people who lost family members to suicide are interviewed. Taped June 15, 2011.

Notes on art and music :
The composer and artists lived with serious mental health problems.
The Parable of the Good Samaritan by Francesco Bassano
Old Man in Sorrow by Vincent van Gogh

The Erythraean Sibyl (Sistine Chapel) by Michelangelo

To view a captioned version of the 2007 video, see Captioned Suicide TV Show