Topic: Epiphany

And Now We Are Six

The various cultures that raised us have provided us with millions of ways to recognize loss and renewal. It goes all the way back to the eating of the apple in the Garden of Eden, but continues through Christopher Robin’s growing up (and going to … read more.

Time Out – Time In

To paraphrase a wise adage from Heraclitus, ‘A traveller can never step into the same river twice because it is not the same river and [she] is not the same traveller.’ So, what do we make of this new post-sabbatical reality we find ourselves in? … read more.

Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye

Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye
This is the last service MPUUC will share with Rev. Jim McKinley. It will also be the service where we welcome Rev. Greg Ward back from sabbatical. There is a poignancy in transition. It requires us to reflect and reconcile newly discovered … read more.

Three Suggestions for the New Year

Wisdom to remember from a clay tablet a potter gifted Rev. Jim on which she’d inscribed three koans of life advice he’d been given and returned with from his month long journey to Panama. A tablet handed down with three guides for right relationship with … read more.