Speaker: Rev. Chris Shriner

Letting Go of Our Dearest Illusion

Chris writes: “We may think we know who we are, and where we are. But our self-image and our understanding of our world may have evolved when we were very young, without much grown-up reflection or revision. I am 80. If I’m ever going to … read more.

The Times They Were A’Changin’ – Lessons of the 1960s [video]

Get out your tie-dies for a Sunday morning flashback! Though this remarkable decade ended long ago, the 1960s helped shaped the lives of many UUs, including some who had not yet been born. As we approach the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, what can we learn from the Sixties – both from what worked and what didn’t?

If you’re in the mood to dress up, come to church in tie-dyes, beads, boots or sandals, headbands, dashikis, wearing political buttons, etc. Right on!

Charter Sunday Celebration! [video & pdf]

This Sunday is very special in the life of this congregation. We will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of this congregation joining the Unitarian Universalist Association as a registered congregation! Come to hear and see past leaders and influences in the life of Mission Peak. What will our Future bring?

Stranded in the Jungle, When We Want to Save the World [video][pdf]

“This is a difficult era for our country and our world. How can we deal with recent setbacks to ecology, democracy, and other humanitarian causes? Our Minister Emeritus, Dr. Chris Schriner, believes we can learn from these losses. Today’s social crises can teach us crucial lessons about human nature. We can rise above ancient brutalities and overcome the forces of cynicism and greed.

In addition to his ministerial work Rev. Chris is also a retired psychotherapist, an independent scholar in philosophy, and the author of six books including Do Think Twice: Provocative Reflections on Age-Old Questions.”