These programs are part of the Mental Health Ministry

Reaching Across

Barbara is Assistant Director of the Life Reaching Across to Life Organization (Reaching Across) in Fremont, California.

Caring Congregation Curriculum 

A congregational program of workshops focused on welcoming and supporting people with mental disorders and their families.

Caring Cong Book

Webinars and Seminars on Mental Health

Barbara gives webinars and seminars about mental health in the community.

Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry

Barbara has been a leader in establishing the Accessibility and Inclusion Ministry, which is a joint program of the Unitarian Universalist Association and the UU Disability organization EqUUal Access, that offers certification to congregations as being accessible and inclusive of people with disabilities.

Mental Health Matters TV Shows 

A collection of half-hour TV programs that focusing on mental health issues

Video on Compassion Fatigue

New: Compassion Fatigue

Mental Health Recovery Videos

A collection of brief videos telling personal stories of recovery from mental health problems by real people

CC Wynn
New: CC Wynn

Spiritual Direction

Rev. Barbara Meyers is a certified spiritual director who companions people in their spiritual lives.


Barbara volunteers at John George Psychiatric Pavilion as part of the Reach-Out organization.

Mental Health Sermons by Barbara and others

This is a collection of sermons on the subject of mental health preached by Barbara and by other people.

Connections Counseling Center

Connections: A Counseling Center Affirming Spirituality and Diversity was a counseling center that Barbara helped to start and run.  It was in business for nearly two years before closing its doors in September 2016.