Spiritual Direction

A spiritual director is a companion on your life’s spiritual journey, asking questions and listening as you uncover what you find as most sacred, as you discern your life’s meaning, supporting you along the way. Interfaith spiritual direction means we are open to explore the many gifts and blessings of the wisdom teachings of the world’s faith traditions.

Spiritual Practice

Regular spiritual practice is important to growing close to what is sacred. The form it takes differs from person to person: meditation, prayer, Yoga, Tai Chi, mindfulness, music, artistic expression, being in nature are some examples. A spiritual director can help you find what works for you.



Many find these benefits from Spiritual Direction:

  • Identify what is most sacred to you
  • Integrate spirituality and integrity into your daily life
  • Learn how to discern and make difficult choices
  • Learn to live with an outlook of gratitude
  • Become calmer and more centered
Rev. Barbara Meyers
Rev. Barbara F. Meyers is a Unitarian Universalist Community minister affiliated with Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fremont. She holds a Masters in Divinity from Starr King School for the Ministry and a Certificate in Spiritual Direction from the Chaplaincy Institute.See Community Ministry for more information on her Mental Health ministry.

Barbara’s Webpage on Spiritual Directors International website 

Special Interests

Mental Health: The role of spirituality in recovery is crucial; it affects one’s world view and outlook on life. Spiritual direction is not a substitute for any required professional therapy, but can be done along with therapy.Scientists: Attending to spiritual matters can help balance a life filled with Reason.

Spiritual Direction with Barbara Meyers

  • Meeting times: 1 hour per month
  • Meeting place:
    • Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation Office 2950 Washington Blvd, Fremont
    • Or other mutually agreed-to location
  • Compensation:
    • Either: 2 hours of your hourly wage
    • Or: Volunteer at least one hour at a local charitable agency (ask for a list)