“Every Night and Every Morn,” #17 in Singing the Living Tradition

Opening / Chalice Lighting:
“O Spinner, Weaver of our Lives,” #431 in Singling the Living Tradition by Barbara Wells

O Spinner, Weaver of our lives,
Your loom is love.
May we who are gathered here
Be empowered by that love
To weave new patterns of truth
And Justice into a web of life that is strong, beautiful, and everlasting.

Unison Reading
“Rolling Away the Stone,” #628 in Singing the Living Tradition by Sara Moores Campbell

Facilitator’s Note: Divide the group into two parts, each reading either the italicized or normal font phrases.

In the tomb of the soul, we carry secret yearnings, pains, frustrations, loneliness, fears, regrets, worries.
In the tomb of the soul, we take refuge from the world and its heaviness.

In the tomb of the soul, we wrap ourselves in the security of darkness.
Sometimes this is a comfort. Sometimes it is an escape.

Sometimes it prepares us for experience. Sometimes it insulates us from life.
Sometimes this tomb-life gives us time to feel the pain of the world and reach out to heal others. Sometimes it numbs us and locks us up with our own concerns.

In this season where light and dark balance the day, we seek balance for ourselves.
Grateful for the darkness that has nourished us, we push away the stone and invite the light to awaken us to the possibilities within us and among us — possibilities for new life in ourselves and in our world.

ALL: Amen.

Silent Reflection

Let us reflect in silence on this question: “Most families have had at least one member, or at least a good friend, who experienced mental illness. What is your or your family’s story?”

Silence for a time

Sharing personal petitions – spoken or silent

Prayer by Bruce Southworth, adapted

O Creative Spirit of Life, in which we live and move and have our being:

We give thanks for caring friends and compassionate neighbors.

We give thanks for the communion of those who seek to serve others.

Each of us carries our private griefs and burdens. Sometimes we can share these, and for the open hearts which respond we are grateful.

Sometimes the world bears heavily upon us; we struggle alone, search the depths and long for healing, for renewed hope, for strength, which give their grace and peace.

May we be strengthened in efforts to be of service, and may we always be mindful our lives are filled with privilege, success, and joy that are foreclosed to many.

May our prayer be that we always see clearly and keep before us the commandment to care; and may we try always to be inclusive and open-not exclusive and narrow.

May our spirits and bodies be nourished and nurtured as we give thanks in praise of all that sustains, heals and holds-all that is holy.


“When I am Frightened,” #1012 in Singing the Journey

Extinguishing the Chalice # 692 in Singing the Living Tradition by Lauralyn Bellamy, adapted
If you have found comfort,
Go and share it with others

If you have found someone to understand you
Try and understand someone else
If you have found peace
Try and help someone who is afraid

If you have dreamed dreams,
one another, that they may come true!

If you have known love,
Give some back to a bruised and hurting world.