Barbara was part of an effort to create and run a non-profit counseling center in Fremont called Connections: A Counseling Center Affirming Spirituality and Diversity.  The Mission Peak UU Congregation gave us seed money to start the center and was very helpful with setting it up. The center was operational for almost two years and we’re proud of what it accomplished:

  • We served many clients with over 1500 first-class faith-based counseling hours. All clients continued to work with their current therapists in other venues.
  • We were credentialed by a number of different insurance companies.
  • We had a truly interfaith effort, with people from Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and UU backgrounds as clients, clinicians and board members.
  • We created a beautiful center with art and books from various religious traditions.
  • We trained a number of therapists in spiritually integrated psychotherapy, skills they took with them to use with clients they see in the future.
  • Some of the groups from our wellness and education center will continue on in other venues.

We realized that after keeping the organization going for nearly 2 years we simply did not have the financial and personnel resources needed to sustain the organization in a viable way.  It closed its doors on September 30, 2016.